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First let me tell all how I got these powerfull shrooms.

First let me tell all how I got these powerfull shrooms. What I did was I knew that shrooms are tryptamines and that tryptamines are activated my maoi or mao inhibitors. I know that st johns wort is a mild mao so I took it before the shrooms and I took melatonin the night before. Both these things I think very much contributed to the strength of the trip.
I also souped up my shrooms in the following way: I bought some 5-hydroxytryptophan at the health food store and I mixed some with water and dropered it around the casings on my shrooms. I noticed that the shrooms seemed to get a darker color and grew faster.
Now for the trip, I had one of those small half pint jars filled with dryed shrooms from about a month of farming.
A friend and myself shared them. This was a total shock, I did not think that I would get this high. I was seeing colors, Music sounded strange and very good, I felt in touch with the universe as if all knowledge was being shown to me, I saw that an hour was seeming to last for much longer than that, I felt that I was a shaman and that I knew the secrets of the universe, I did a stupid thing I got kind of claustrophobic and I drove home, I needed to be in familiar teritory, where I would be safe i thought, then I began mowing the lawn and my thoughts raced, I thought that i was losing my mind or something because all my thoughts blended into each other and nothing made much sense, but on top of it all I felt this universal happiness and love as if god was looking out for me and at one point I thought that I might actually be god! So as you can see all of the preparation and mao and all that did the trick and I advise anyone who wants a powerful trip to try what I did. Have a good trip. Omunisman

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