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Time has no meaning

Ok, this may be a little long, but I want to express how "trippy" this trip was.

Ok, this may be a little long, but I want to express how "trippy" this trip was. It all started out on Wed. I heard that there was a good amount of shrooms around. On Wed. I always go to my friends' house for forties night, where everyone sat around and drank forties. This was my first trip:
I went by the same friends' house to get the shrooms at about 9 with the intent of eating them about 9:30 and going to forties night at 10:30. One of my roommates, B, wanted to shroom with me so we got a quarter and an eighth. When we returned to the house, my other roommate, K, was gone, but he returned before 9:30 because he wanted to be there to see us trip.
The plan was that I was going to take an eighth and B was going to take a quarter. We ate them at 9:35. I chewed mine up fully while he just practically swallowed them whole.
I started to feel a little light-headed in about 10 minutes while we were watching TV. When this began, we were watching Nurembourg with Alec Baldwin and they were showing actual footage of concentration camps. Afraid that I might freak out in a couple of minutes, I told them to turn it. Luckily, South Park was about to come on because I really wanted to watch it.
Then while I was smoking a cigarette, I was also talking to K. All of a sudden everything slowed down and I was staring at the TV, which seemed to be the only thing that was not moving. Everything around it was swirling.
Also, I noticed that the voices on SP were echoing. I asked K if they were really doing that because they tend to do some crazy stuff on SP. He told me there was no echoing and this was a little disconcerting to me. My roommate, B, still hadn't started his trip yet and I wanted a fellow tripper really bad then.
Then B decides it is time to go to forties night even though SP was not over. It was about 10:15 by then. So we go outside and of course K was driving. They both made it to the car pretty fast, but I was lagging behind because I was looking at the driveway next door. I tried to forget it and I got to our driveway and it seemed to be about 30 feet wide when it is actually about 15.
I jumped in the car and began to stare at the car that was at the end of the driveway next door. It looked like something was going on outside the car, but I couldn't tell what, so I freaked out. I yelled to K, "K, get me the hell away from whatever is going on over there! Drive away from it very fast!"
So we were on our way. He had some music up very loud, couldn't really tell what it was, just lots of guitar and some voices. One voice was saying, "No one is real. No one is real." This seemed very odd to me, but I didn't freak this time. It seemed like nothing I saw was real. The headlights I saw seemed to come right for me and I felt every little move of the car, so I started screaming and I didn't know why. Could it have been because I thought I was going to die? Probably.
We arrived at the house where forties night is always held. I walked up on the porch to find about 7 people, of whom I knew not one. Only one of the people that lived there that I knew was there. I sat outside and smoked a cigarette while B and K went inside. There was dead silence for the longest time, so I had to go inside and talk to the only 3 people I knew there. I sat there on one couch by myself for a while until a couple other guys showed up, one of which I knew a little. By, the way, he has the weirdest laugh, almost to the point of scary.
Then he gets up and says to the guy he was with, "Are you going to help me get this stuff out of my trunk, so I can move across the street?" So many things ran thru my mind, one of which was that they were going to bring in a shitload of guns. Next thing I know, they come thru carrying a bunch of drums. I wondered to myself if I was just tripping or they were really doing that. It seemed so random. Most things that anyone said usually didn't register exactly right unless it was simple, very simple English.
Another guy that lived there finally showed up and I felt much better because I knew him pretty well. I told him what we had done and he just laughed. I shared some of my thoughts with him at the time. Then he went outside. We sat there on the couch and B and I had many conversations trying to figure out what was going on on the show Oz. He kept telling me to shutup and that I was being annoying, but I kept on because I wanted to enjoy it.Then I wanted to go look in the mirror because I have heard you shouldn't do and I thought that it couldn't be that bad. B came with me and we did it - no big whoop.
I think this is about the time that time seemed to stop or just creep along. It seemed like 20 minutes would pass and then I would look at the clock. It was always either same time or one minute ahead. It was driving me nuts. So to get away from the clocks, I went into the kitchen and watched the leaky faucet drip for a while. While I was in there I contemplated getting a match and smoking a cigarette for a while. Then B came in and was upset because he had ashed on the floor in there in front of one of the owners of the house. So I just wanted to go home by then where it didn't matter what we did. Also, there was a door from the kitchen that I was really interested in going out of because I figured I could go around, so I wouldn't have to talk to the weird people on the porch. Well, a car was blocked in so K then I got in and he tried to back out. It seemed like an eternity before we got out of there. B jumped in and we took off. We were safe at last. We screamed as if we had just been released from a life prison sentence. Then we made it home and things started getting back to normal for me.
Oh, and by the way, smoking takes on a whole new feel. It felt weird to smoke. Sometimes I would wonder how a cig even got in my hand and sometimes I would forget I had one.
So, I guess you are ready for the moral of this story. I hadn't been doing really well this summer - I was looking for something to make me happy, but I never could find anything until I found shrooms. I would have to say that it was the best experience of my life and look forward to more great trips. The only thing is that looking back, I wish it could have been a little more intense.

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