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Three's Company

This is my first time writing a trip report so I'll do my best to describe what I saw and felt.

This is my first time writing a trip report so I'll do my best to describe what I saw and felt. This was the second time I took mushrooms and it was very much different from the first. My first time was back a couple months ago and my friend had gone to to Amsterdam for summer vacation and brought shrooms back. We ate about 3 grams all at once each and it was the most visually stimulating experience I have ever had. This time around, it was a lot different.

We had come to another friends Halloween party in Gainsville and what made it special was that he lived way out in the middle of no where on 9 acres of land. It was vast and secluded and very peaceful. The day after the party, the three of us broke up the stash into an 8th each. We each had about 21 caps and we left all the stems and other bits together. At about 4:30 my two friends and I ate about 11 caps on hamburgers that we grilled and then we smoked a joint that had some bits of shroom dust in it. We walked out into a local state park that is right next to my friends house. It has this huge Oak tree that is 78 feet tall and 20 feet in diameter with about a 120 foot span from one end to the other. We thought it would be cool to begin the trip there.

We sat next to it for about 45 minutes and it didnt really kick in except for the fact that I felt a little euphoric. Slowly but surely I began to feel wide awake. My mind began to race. After an hour had past, it began to get dark, not to mention cold. So we went back to the house and I changed into some warmer clothes and we sat next to the fire that had been going for the last couple of days, out in the back yard. There was 5 of us sitting around the fire with me and two of my friends having ate the shrooms. We never told the others about what we did because we didn't want to get them all spooked.

Suddenly as it got dark, Everything began to get chaotic. I felt a rush come all over me. I began to see intense trails and everything began to wave left and right.

It had gotten dark at this time and a bit chilly. A couple of the others went out to get a big cheap bottle of wine to drink by the fire. My two friends just sat there silent. I began to have so many thoughts rush in and out. Soon after, I began to float out of my body and into another time and place. The minute I realized what was going on I was back in my body. The ambient sounds of nature had grown very loud. From the crickets to the wind, everything was turned up so much that I could hear very sharply. We ventured back out to the "Big Tree" And sat down next to it. It grew many faces out of the the knots and branches. The grass was wavy and seemed to grow up and towards me. I looked at the stars and it was so clear and dark I could see millions of stars. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I felt one with the cosmos. The night sky seemed to breathe and and wisper in my ear. I couldnt make it out but I felt so over joyed that I again traveled out of my body and into the stars. But again, the moment I realized what I was doing I shot back into my body.

We went back to eat the rest of our caps and went back to sit next to the fire. We sat and drank some wine with my other friends who had come back from thier excersion. I stared at the fire which danced and pulsated. I watched a distant light post and the trees and vegitation around it dance a dark dance with evil circus faces. This all wasn't scary at all. In fact it was quite interesting and for some reason I felt compelled to watch more. A couple more people had come by and we went out again to grab the rest of the stems and my friends hooka to smoke. We ate some of the stems and then put some with the weed. We went back to the fire and smoked again. Almost immediately my trip kicked in hard again. Up to this point, the visuals had died down but I was still very much somewhere else. My mind wandered constantly.

I began to feel intense rushes over my body and my vision began to blur and curve and make all the objects wavy again. All of nature around me seemed to breathe and dance around me. The stars twinkled and looked just so stunningly beautiful. It began to come in waves with my visuals coming very hard and intensly. One moment I was was just sitting there watching the trees dance very softly the next, It began to throb and flow really hard.

The group of us then went back out to the tree again. A low lying fog had covered the surrounding area. It was mysterious and quiet. The journey over there felt like hours but only took minutes. We all sat out there and a couple of people climbed the tree. We later came back and finished the hooka. The majority of the rest of the time we sat by the fire and just talked and rested there. My trip never let up. I was still tripping hard enough that I just sat there not speaking totally encaptured in this awesome daze. Finally after what felt like years, 2:00 am rolled around and we called it a night.

I as I closed my eyes I saw fantastic 3-D visuals. Mostly shapes and symmetrical objects like cones and cylinders and spheres. I fell asleep pretty easily and quickly even though I was still tripping pretty hard. I woke up the next day refreshed and quite peaceful. I felt good. It was the longest yet that I had tripped. We tripped for about 8 hours and it felt like time barely passed but at the same time it felt like many years had gone by. The visuals weren't as chaotic and crazy as the first time had been but it was much more enlightening. I think it was because we gradually ate them as we went along. If you want crazy visuals, eat a good bit at once. The first time I tripped it was only 4 hours long. But if you want a long constant flowing trip just each them gradually. It was a totally unique and beautiful trip. I felt so much more alive the next day. It was great because for us three who were tripping, we all had a great time out in nature. Definately tripping at night is different from tripping in the day. But for me I felt totally at peace and quite content with myself. I do believe that people should venture out and trip atleast once. It definately made me think about a lot of things. Each time, I figure out something different about myself and the world around me.

Well I hope my reports helps all those interested in the psychedelic experience. Good luck and Happy Trails.


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