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this was my first trip

Seeing as how i consumed shrooms this past weekend, i felt enthraled to share my experience.

Seeing as how i consumed shrooms this past weekend, i felt enthraled to share my experience. It started out with us having 2 cuts of some kind of strong mushrooms that my roommate had got us and I had watched him trip the night before. Needless to say he had had a very good trip. We were going to break 2 cuts up between 3 people, but then this other guy wanted in, so i got half a cut altogether. I started off by chewing them up and holding them in my mouth for about 5 minutes.
Nothing happened for the first ten minutes and i thought that nothing was going to work. Then all of a sudden my buddy beside me on the couch said something and I started laughing uncontrollably. My vision started to be affected by looking as if a strobe light was in place because everything came in like one second intervals. All of a sudden this dude on the couch jumped up and yelled in my face...this is when my trip when down the drain. I described this afterwards as if when he jumped up and yelled it was magnified by a million times. After spasming uncontrollably for several seconds, i got up and made it to the kitchen. I started hyperventilating and tears were streaming out of my eyes.
The worst problem was that i was entering the most intense stage of my trip. The couch grew noses and the cabinets were plotting against me. I could see the fabric of space time as waves of a tide. The dog that was there became stuck in my vision so when i looked at the ceiling i still saw here, except her body looked like an ameba crawing around. There were faces forming on everything so i went outside with my friends girlfriend. She told me everything i was seeing was because of the mushrooms and it was not real. Meanwhile i was stareing at this guy in the car to my right. He was some sort of being that was pitch black, with a solid black trenchcoat and black shades. I couldn't stop dwelling about him until we went inside. Then they started listening to Tool and watching this movie with only pictures on it. The house we did it in probably wasn' the best place to do it because in the kitchen the walls were green and in the living room the walls were navy blue. I seriously felt like i was in mario when i was sitting out in the kitchen looking fearfully into the living room, waiting for some kind of monster to come out. I'm not sure how long i sat in the kitchen, but after a while my friends took me to the apartment upstairs for awhile.
While i was up there, i started a conversation with a yard gnome, a starfish, and a picture of a mushroom. I was right about to start a game of Uno with them when my friend came up and had to leave. Oh wait there was a roll of plaid masking tape too. Yea so i took the masking tape to keep me company and they convinced me to go downstairs. Before when Tool had been playing, the living room had a black aura around it, but when they put on some techno, it seemed as if the room had took on a brilliant bright blue color in my mind and it felt like i was rushing through that tunnel at a very high speed. My buddy walked up to me as i sat down on a chair and looked down at me. His face was a whirlpool and i couldn't understand him. All of a sudden, i just started talking. I was told later i had a stream of consciousness. I simply just said what i was thinking. I remember saying...whoa thats cool, at least like 12 times. Then we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocalate factory. At this point i think i was starting to come down because i was just feeling really stoned and i think i blanked out at one point. Then we left and went to another house where we slept. When i woke up the next day, i felt completely braindead. I was kinda depressed, but not because of the mushrooms, just depressed overall. When i talked to my friend, nobody else had tripped that hard, and not for that long either. I'd definetly try mushrooms again.

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