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This vs. That

Once upon a time three of my very best friends and I decided to take a litlle journey on interstate psylocybin.

Once upon a time three of my very best friends and I decided to take a litlle journey on interstate psylocybin.

Rick and Doug picked me up at Halley's house after work. They had already munched their shrooms on peanut butter sandwiches. When we got to my house we went immediately to 'The Shop' (A little workshop outside my house with cool posters, stereo, T.V. were we enjoy pot, mushrooms, e, and dose). I ate mine raw with iice tea to wash it down. Jason soon arrived and ate.
They left me alone shortly to get pot. I began to trip shortly after they left, probablly about 20min)The wall was melting the air was sparkling and I could barely stifle an ecstatic giggle. They got back and we jammed out to some tunes watched some marley videos and smoked some dope. Soon we just could not controll were we would be going or what we could be doing.
It was time for a drive in Ricks zippy little civic. The back roads in the sticks was were we went. Driving is fun while tripping. Driving 90 around sharp turns rules especially if your not sure if your retarded or some sort of primitive woodland creature. We were laghing and yelling and listening to music so loud we couldnt even hear ourselves think let alone speak. Jason began to get scared. He was telling Rick to slow down, that he was gonna kill us. We all didnt want to hear it so we just turned up the music and kept going. BAD MOVE. We stopped at the puffin stop near my house for beverages. This calmed our first time tripper down a bit. He and I decided to walk back to my house while Rick and Doug were in the store. Meanwhile they noticed two cops parked across the street conversing. They decided to play a little game with those worthless pigs. It was called Who can sit here longer. Rick and Doug won without much of a fight I assume because they ulled up behind us on the road(making us think they would run us over) before we had walked 100 yards from the store. We went to the shop and smoked the last of the bong loads. then decided to walk to the puffin stop. At this point visuals were beginning to diminish but the mental aspect of the trip was still to intensifying. Jason was still complaing about Rick almost killing us I meantime was trying to rad dougs thoughts. I asked him what he was thinking and he repied by laughin and saying "dude I dont know Im tripping just like you." This shut me up but I didnt stop trying to read his thoughts. Doug is always thinking about something else, a very spacey kid, but never lets on what he might be turning over in his mind. On the way back Jason was getting worse. he was saying he didint like tripping, it scared him, he would never do it again, he Hasnt yet. I was beginning to worry about him. I assume Rick and Doug were also. we got back to the shop and poped in a documentary of Bob Marleys life. BAD MOVE. It wasnt nice to our very out of controll imaginations. With scenes of poverty, slums, and a very scary monotone narrator. Jason was laying on a blanket on the floor completely twisting his shit. Screaming that we had to drive him to the hospital and reverse this horrible experience. This was when the downward spiral started for me. Rick and Doug couldnt handle him any more and were screaming at him to stop, that he was going to give us all a bad trip. BAD MOVE. I tried to get them to stop yelling. finally they did but the damage had been done. Thoughts of god and satan spiraled through my head as if sombody else was thinking for me. Life seemed impossible in this state. Suicide seemed better than the fear that was controlling my mind. I thougt of snapping my fingers as I cracked my knuckles but could not decide whether it would hurt or feel good. I saw a nail sticking out of the workbench and thought of bashing my hesd into it. I got out of my chair and went To the recliner to try to sleep this off. I actually had no conscious thought of sleeping any thin off I just needed to be comfortable. This was an incredibly difficult feat to acheive I soon realized as the most intense thought pattern I had ever experienced intensified.
I found that My body could rest with my knees on the floor and my face on the seat. My mind began to relax and I drifted into a dream filled half sleep.
I woke up up to laughter. I realized I had a monstrous bonor and had been humping the cushion. They laughed some more saying i probablly had been dreaming of having sex, whivh was true as I sat up in the chair I vaguely remember seeing Rick and Doug walk out the door. Jason was quiet again, in the fetal position wrapped in blankets on the floor. I saw the bong and tried to smoke pot. It seemed to be the only refuge. But there was no refuge to be found as the last of the pot had been blazed hours earlier.
I sat in the chair not enjoying the total lack of my sense of reality. The thoughts of good and evil returnrd. All of the elemental pieces of existence had been confused by whatever higher being that was controlling my thoughts. I stood and walked to the door trying to escape the good or was it the evil that was frightening me. I had no idea.
When I got to the steps (about 7-8ft up) I looked down seeing land And being totally sure that in this case it would be water. I dove, headlong, expecting to plunge deep into a beautful carribean sea. Needless to say I was surprised by a deafing shock to the top of my head that traveled down my spine. I lay sprawled in the dirt trying to decide if that hurt or if it had been a pleasurable experience.
Finally I stood and began to stumble toward my house. I did not want to wake my parents so I decided to sleep on the spare bed next to me as I type this little did I know my loving father was occupying the bed because he snores so loudly my mom cant sleep. I walked right in sat down on him and began taking off my shoes. He jumped up and so did I. He asked what I was doing and I replied nothing what are you doing? he repeated my question and I repeated him. I have no Idea how long this went on.
I then wandered my self on up to my room were I might have undressed and lay in my bed. Thoghts and memories of my childhood came to me that had previously been stored deep in my subconscious.
I woke up around 8am still very tired but at last no longer tripping. I went out to the shop to see what the boys were up to. I was surprised not to see Jason and immediatley assumed that Rick and Doug Had brouht him to the hospital in the wee hours of that morning. I woke Rick and he explained to me regretfully that Jason Had driven home around 4 or 5am. so he could sleep in his own bed. I could do nothig but hope he hadnt mentioned anything to either of his srictly catholic parents. although it seemed unlikely with him just walking in to the house that eary in the morning absolutely tripping his face off. I felt so bad for getting him mushrooms. Doug then awoke at the sound of our conversation and told me how he and Rick left in an attempt to escape hell by driving to New Hampshire. (approx. 1hr at speed limit). Supposedly Rick was tripping so hard he could not read the road signs and had to ask Doug (who at that time was coming down a little because he dosed about 1 and a 1/2 hours before the rest of us) to tell him were to go and when they reached a toll booth how to pay the man. (he parked the car about ten feet in front of the booth and stuck his arm out the window with the money. he and the guy began to get out at the same time but him being much less fucked got to the car just as my best friend began to get out of the car.) They drove for a while until there was an unexplainable strip of orange cones in the road. I guess these really fucked with their brains. that was when they finally came back to the shop.

Deffinetley a very intense adventure that I think we all learned quite a bit from.

ps. Jason never got into any trouble after that night, but a few weeks later he told his parents that he smoke pot almost daily, and that he had tried mushrooms and ecstacy.

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