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This trip sucked!

I tripped with buddy one night after growing a bunch of shrooms.

I tripped with buddy one night after growing a bunch of shrooms...thanks to the new perlite method(BTW this method rocks!!). This guy is my official tripping buddy and we decided to trip HARD.

Anyway, it's been a while and I don't know how much we consumed, but it was waaay more than usual, plus I just drank it with water, plus I smoked two fatties, which for me intensified it by at least 30%.

Well, we were just sitting in my kitchen, when the tripping started. It was really funny cause he was being all serious but to me he looked like a cartoon character...I apologized to him saying that I was tripping, and then he said that he was tripping too, but just didn't realize it.

We laughed but I started feeling sick...tasting the pure shrooms with water and well I won't go into detail, but needless to say I was physically ill. While praying to the porclein(sp?) God I started tripping WAAAAAY too hard, and so did my friend who was in the kitchen still.

Everything during that time was a constant mind dream type of halluncination. It blew me away. Way too much too handle. It was strange but him and I kept communicating during the whole thing and almost tripping hard at the same time. We kept saying to each other, "wow, that was intense, wasn't it?". But, then we would trip hard again and not say anything for like 15 minutes. Intense is all I can say. There is no way to describe what I was feeling.

I kept thinking that I was dying that I poisoned myself with bad bacteria, but luckily my buddy wasn't ill so I kept saying to myself that if he wasn't sick, I wasn't going to die. This trip sucked. I won't go into anything else because I could fill up a 200 page book, but needless to say it wasn't the most pleasant trip.

I've finally started another batch of shrooms...first ones in about 6 months. Hopefully I won't think about this last trip and it will be FUN!! Wish me luck, my tripping friends!!

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