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This is going to be a good day!

It was early on a Saturday morning and my friends (Mike and Jason) had planned and awesome day.

It was early on a Saturday morning and my friends (Mike and Jason) had planned and awesome day. Jason was bringing me some shrooms in exchange for some weed, so I figured that it was going to be a really kick ass day. Jason arrived at Mike's house after I did, about 11:00 am. As soon as I got a chance, I handed Jason his bag and started to devour three of the biggest caps I've ever seen. The smallest one was literally as big as the palm of my hand! As I devoured the fungus, I kept saying to myself "today is going to be a really good day!"

About 30 minutes later, my head started to get that light feeling and I kept feeling like something important was about to happen. I wasn't sure what, but I knew it was going to happen. I talked Mike and Jason into getting ready and going down to the lake down the road. We all got in swimming attire and trucked down to the lake. On the way there, I was laughing uncontrollably at abolutely nothing. Jason, who had eaten a few smaller caps on the way over, started giggling at me, but he was way more in control of himself than I was. I was just so happy! I've never ever felt that good! I couldn't contain my laughter no matter what I did.

Fast forward an hour. We're all sittin at the "beach" (it's a small section of the lake where sand has been brought in...because there is no sand in Indiana! lol) As I looked around, I could see the horizon where the water met the sky. This was extremely cool because the horizon was waving one direction and the waves on the lake were going the other! I looked up at the sky and the clouds had swirlign patterns in them that were totally awesome. I kept saying to myself "today is going to be a really good day"

We all got into the community paddle boat and started paddling toward the island in the middle of the lake. Halfway there, Jason and I gave up. We were tripping too hard to do such hard labor. Mike and Jason kept trying to get me to jump in the water. I really wanted to, but I didn't know if doing it on shrooms was such a good idea...I was right. I jumped in and immediately felt the cold surround me. It was so amazing, I felt like I was part of the water. I stayed under for what seemed like 15 minutes, then I decided that breathing would feel really good. I swam back up to the surface as fast as I could (which wasn't very fast because swimming on shrooms is not a good idea!) I reached the surface what seemed like an eternity later. My friends told me I was under less than a minute...but I didn't believe them.

I climbed back onto the paddle boat as Mike and Jason jumped in over my head. When I got onto the boat, I turned around and looked at the water. There were light beams everywhere and they were twisting into one antoher and then untwisting, like snakes or something.

About 15 minutes later, we got tired of chillin on the boat and paddled back to the shore. I sat on the beach for what seemed like hours just watching the sand rise and sink, like water that's barely boiling. It was all kinds of colors, always chagning. It went from red to orange to yellow to green and so on. I kept remember thinking that I had to hold the sand down so that it didn't melt away into the lake. The sand itself looked like a liquid and I was scared shitless about walking on it, but once I actually stepped on it, I realized that it was just the shrooms.

We sat on the sand for a while then decided that we better go home. We walked back to Mike's house slowly as I watched the street morph into an array of colorful swirls. I had a lot of trouble walking because the ground always looked like it was moving.

We made it safely back to Mike's and went out on his top deck. Now, his top deck looks out over his back yard which isn't really a back yard, it's just a really steep hill. As I looked out over the hill, it started to wave, kinda like what it looks like when someone throws a blanket out and lets the air catch it and fall back down. We stayed out there for about and hour.

I could feel the effects start to fade and I realized that I hadn't looked at the inside of Mike's house, so we went in and I watched the walls turn into waves of color and movement while they played on the computer. I laid on the floor and watched the celing turn into water. It looked just like the lake, but upside down. There were small waves and big ones and all of them were colorful. It was really really friggin cool.

As the visuals slowed down, we went back onto the porch to smoke. I sat and smoked a whole pack of cigarettes while I waited for the effects to totally wear off. The cigarettes gave me something to do, everytime I threw one out, it made me feel like I needed to be doing something else...so I just lit up another one.

All in all, this trip was the best I've ever had. I saw all kinds of crazy waves and colors and heard all kinds of sounds. Nature was cool, music was cool, EVERYTHING was cool. I've never had a buzz that good EVER! In conclusion, I have to thank Jason for the amazing shrooms and sorry that you didn't get as far out as I did. And to Mike I say thanks for puttin up with us the whole time we were actin all crazy and losing track of time.

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