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This cannot be real.

It was wednesday january 12th, 2006, and me my step dad (R) had planned to get a 8th of shrooms to finally be able to try them out.

It was wednesday january 12th, 2006, and me my step dad (R) had planned to get a 8th of shrooms to finally be able to try them out. We split the 8th in half and i ate my share of caps and stems(around 7:30PM) and so did he. I set with my friends T and J listening to music in the shed behind my house for about 20 minutes, then i started to feel a sense of joy. I turned around to look at the christmas lights hanging on the wall, and to my surprise, they were swirling around, back and forth, seeming to jump out at me making no sounds. I was surprised to see that and didnt think they were gonna kick in so fast, so i proceeded to go inside, get online and talk on AIM. My other friend J Imed me and wanted to come chill with us while me and R tripped, so he drove over. When i greeted J, i knew they were starting to work. Me and R got in J's car with him and drove down the road. The headlights shined across my yard and over hills, making a trippy effect with the grass, it seemed as if the hills were rolling and swaying, alone with all the trees. We went for a rride for awhile in J's car, and came back to my place and set down to watch tv. I stared into the corner of my living room, only to see the tv twisting upside down, with the blinds swaying back and forth behind R. It seemed as if everything was moving except me and him. We were setting still but the room around us was turning. At this time R got a quarter of green, so we went to go back to the shed to smoke a few bowls. We walked into the shed, set down, packed up a bowl, and proceeded to smoke. 2 bowls later, it just hit me. The weed had kicked my ass on these things. I yelled to R WE HAVE TO LEAVE HERE, THERE GOING TO FIND OUT. I then ran all the way back to my house, and went inside my room and took my shoes off. R came in, closed the door and we were listening to more music. Then, i was in a dream like state, with my eyes closed i could see videos of me when i was a kid setting beside a pool, clear as day, in blue and green colors. I felt the since of that my room was so small that i was becoming extremely clostraphobic(SP?). I yelled in panic to R " This is not good, i dont like not being in control of my trip!" I felt like i needed to get out of the house and be in a open area with lots of lights, i ran into the living room and layed on the couch, ranting on and on about how i thought i was going to die, not believiing the feeling that i was feeling could possibly be real. I couldnt handle the feeling, it was like a dreamlike state while youir eyes are open, like you have no control over what you see, hear, or do. I kept thinking of the possibility of this being death. after panicing for about 20 minutes, i finally talked myself out of the bad trip. I was in my room now, watching roseanne on nick at night since i was now trying to make the best of the rest of the trip. It was about 10:00 now and i was watching roseane, all the characters turned into puppets, and everything was a set up stage, and i kept hearing this loud song played over again of a women saying "GOOD MORNING!" The trip was VERY much worth it until i smoked the weed and fell into a bad trip. Keep in mind that as soon as they started to take effect, me and R didnt stop laughing until i had the bad trip. We constantly stuck our tongues out going "MUUhHHhUhuhUH" and yelling other various retarded sounds. Overall it was a great experience, will deffinetly be trying it again. Just remember, if your thinking about trying it for your first time, keep talking to people, and yourslef letting you know you just took mushrooms, nothing else, keeping a conversation keeps you from tricking your mind into a bad trip as well. well, this report probably sucks, but i felt like sharing, and i probably wont remember any of this tomorrow. pce.

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