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Third times a Charm

I had never tripped really good before on shrooms.

I had never tripped really good before on shrooms.I+AFw-'d taken them twice before but my trips were only mild and small hallucinations, but on the third time I had the most mind blowing and illuminating experience of my life.

Anyway, I was very prepared for my trip, I found a day when I knew that I would be alone all day in my house, and when I woke up, I took a nice long soak in the hot tub and ate all three small mushrooms I never did learn all that dosage and size crap, I+AFw-'m not worried about I just wanted to trip. But I+AFw-'d say that all three shrooms were three or for inches from the top of the cap to the bottom.

I went and layed down on my bed, and put on Dark Side of the Moon, everyone had always told me that was the best thing to listen to when tripping, (VERY TRUE)

I began feeling the affects, soon into the forth song on the CD and i began to notice that the little dots on that stuff which is stuck to the room was starting to vibrate a little bit. That didn+AFw-'t surprise me much though, I had seen things like after getting to hot outside, I forced myself off the bed and glanced over at my CD player again and I locked eyes with the counter for the song, it was very cosmic staring at these changing number, not just that they were bright and colorful in my dark room, but it was as if I could feel numbers change, if I were the numbers and I was changing but I was watching myself change and move, I+AFw-'m not sure how long I was there but when I regained my composure it was on track six, (i+AFw-'ve never counted how long it is)I spun around, my perception was becoming fogged cuz when I turned everything moved out of order and stripey, as if I were in a storbe light, the edges of my vision were also becoming painted with red green and yellow strems of color. I returned back to my bed, and turned the tv on with my remote, i pressed play and found that the matrix was in the machine and had just gotten to the shootout in the lobby, this was quite thrilling all the odd colors and action on the tv blended together great, it was a little hard to pay attention i was becmoing a little paranoid abouut the wall. When almost all sounds very distorted and echoing and blending in with stuff that wasn+AFw-'t there, also whenever a gun was fired on screen, there were flases all over the room. I stood up when I thought that I had been shot and darted across the room, I backed up against my closet door, and looked up. I had recently bought a Bringing out the Dead movie poster and tacked it up above my bed, Niolas Cage is on the front and only his eyes and nose show, but he winked at me lifted his head up so that his mouth was visible and said, to me something i don+AFw-'t think was english, but i think that he said +AFw-"I+AFw-'m Castor Troy, in a Russian and Shroom sound mix+AFw-", maybe I+AFw-'m wrong,

A number of other things happened after this, but I don+AFw-'t want to write about them, it was all 10 times better than what had happened in the beginning

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