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First time- amazing

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Yesterday night- (a saturday night) My friend and I decided to call up for some bud and they guy said he was out but he had some shrooms. I have been waiting to do them for a few months so I was very excited. He delivered us about a little less then 2 eighths. I ate about 1/2 an eighth of them and my friend about 3 grams to an an eighth. While eating them my friends dad saw us from like 30 feet away so we decided to leave (he never said anything) this is where the fun starts

We walked to a park down the street and on the way I remember feeling very very stoned, we were very giggly and fealt like exploring. At the park I was staring at these steps and the colors were like collapsing over eachother from brown to black it was very confusing and when I would walk there was a floating red/blue bubble in front of my eyes thru every step I would take. I walked through the park for a little bit and noticed the huge street lights after staring at them for about 5 mins it seemed like one of the lights was so bright that it was turning into the sun with rays and everything we badly wanted to listen to music after this so I was sad to leave the light but had too becuase our two other friends that were there (not tripping) wanted to leave.
On the way to my friends house from the park I remember using my imagination so much, staring into a bush fealt like I was living in a fantasy world. Every single color would stand out so much it was amazing. We got the my friends house and I just layed down in the grass so confused but laughing at almost everything. I looked far away and it seemed like there was a cave with a opening that was such a bright white, I wanted to go explore it but everyone was doing what they were doing and I was thinking in my own mind. I layed down in the grass and just looked at the stars and birds and airplanes just did not seem real and i was cracking up laughing.
My friend and I wanted to listen to music really bad and our friend would not let us in. we layed outside for about 20 more mins and he finally said we can go in his house now. We walked straight to his room and layed down. I think he was messing with us but it seemed like he didnt put music on for about 30 mins, when it came on it was one of the most amazing feeling (it fealt like the music was flying through my mind and my friend was singing with the music and it was annoying and so funny at the same time. It fealt like I only had a pair of eyes and thats all I needed the rest of my life.

We had a whole theory that our mission was to play basketball it was very wierd and I dont even know how we came up with this. I went to nmy house a little later and just listened to music and fell asleep the music fealt so good and waking up was like a dream.

I definatly would say give shrooms a try and I deninatly will try them again and take a higher dosage.

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