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They Got Me Good

It was Saturday, July 7th around 5pm and I was at my parents house.

It was Saturday, July 7th around 5pm and I was at my parents house. I was about to change the oil in my car and decided to give Sean a call. He answered. He told me he and Stacy were thinking about going to Louisiana to gamble. Then I suggested that we go up to our old high school hangout in the woods (igloo) and do some ro (weed) and boomers (shrooms). He agreed and told me to call him when I got home. I went outside and looked anp at the sky. It had been raining all week and it looked like there may be more to come. I was hoping it would not rain for tonite.

So I changed my oil which only took about 30 minutes and left shortly thereafter. I was gonna get some groceries at the store but decided it would only cost more time. So I just headed home and started making my pasta as soon as I got in. I was hoping cops would be on but dammit a stupid baseball game was on. So I settled for Wheel of Fortune.

Sean had left me a message saying that they may be going to gamble afer all, but with Sean changes of plans are commonplace so it was no big surprise. I chilled for an hour and called again to see what was up. No answer. Then his girlfriend called back and asked me if I knew where to get some ro, because they had barely any. I said no, I only had boomers. They decided against gambling. We decided to just go up to igloo and do some ro and whatnot. We hung up. Then they called back and send they were leaving in 20 minutes. I was ready.

I had been trying to get Sean to do some boomers with me for awhile. But he always seemed to be busy. I think he was just scared for some reason because he had a new excuse every time I asked him. We had tripped together about 10 times total with both acid and shrooms. But this time he agreed to do one boomer. I told him it might not do anything, but that was fine.

Driving south took about 20 minutes and I decided to stop in Albertsons to get some OJ and Powerade. At this particular Albertsons they have this car show every Saturday night where people bring their fancy cars and open the hoods and whatnot. Sometimes there is a Lamborghini there. Although I had never actually walked up to this car show to look at the cars, I had seen it many times driving by on the road. Anyways, I came out of the store and began walking towards igloo which was about a 10 minutes walk away. I did not want to park right near igloo because the entrance to the woods is right next to some houses and I hate attracting attention. So walking towards the entrance to igloo I noticed Stacys car parked on the side. They were there.

Walking into ig (which is basically just a 10 foot circular area in the middle of some trees with a campfire) I noticed they were not there. Then I noticed they were down the trail a little ways. They had gotten there a few minutes before me. There were a lot of mosquitoes at igloo so that is why they were down the trail a bit. They were right because I was getting attacked! I started eating my boomers.

I had brought two bags of boomers with me. Both weighing 2 grams. EQs from Ralph. I had some on the 4th and they worked pretty good. This was only two days later and I was doing them again! I guess it was sort of a mix between not having anything to do with testing out my tolerance and just wanting to do them with Sean. I had tried another batch of EQs from Sporechicks over the past month but they were nothing compared with these new ones. (This is something I have been trying to figure out. Why these shrooms seemed stronger. I did the other shrooms on an empty stomach in the middle of the day and I was by myself. With these new shrooms, I was doing them at night with people and mixed with weed. I also took them with orange juice, which I'm not even sure that makes a difference, or does it? Anyways, I guess the only to find out is change all the variables around huh?)

We walked down to the car and drove off to Albertsons to get some mosquito repellent. The car show was still going on somewhat. We parked and Stacy got out to get the Off! while we waited. I ate the rest of the boomers. 2 grams. When she came back, we took off. Geez $8 for a little bottle of Off! We parked on the hill and noticed a Jeep Cherokee parked near the entrance to igloo, although we did not know if the owners actually were in the woods. Walking down the trail towards ig, we heard some kids off to the right. We figured they were the Jeep Cherokee kids. Stacy could not seem to find her beer. After a couple minutes she started to believe the kids took her Bud Light. "Oh Geez..." I thought. This could be trouble. We got to igloo and found the beer over there. I really do not see how she could have mistaken the place she thought she put the beer with the place she actually put it. And she was not even on anything! What the? I could go all into that, but back to the story. They sprayed the Off! on themselves but I was a little bit hesistant because isn't that stuff bad for you? Or at least it used to be. But I gave in after awhile and sprayed myself when I saw Sean and Stacy were not getting bitten. The funny thing is, these damn mosquitoes were biting me through my clothes!

After awhile the mosquitoes had stopped and we had hitten off the bong a few times. It had been maybe 30 minutes and the boomers were starting to hit, probably with the help of the ro. Then Sean ate one. 15 minutes later he thought he was feeling something but there's no way. I had brought an LED flashlight up there and I still had my Powerade. It was the Mountain Rush flavor and it was colored blue. Putting the light on the bottom of the bottle made the whole thing light up this really awesome bluish color. Really cool looking. Also, I looked into the bottle of the Powerade with the light beneath it and it looked like I was looking at the sky of another world. Then I started shaking the light around really fast which produced a strobe light effect. After these novelties wore off, we decided to go somewhere.

Sean wanted to take a long walk off a short pier. In other words, a long walk around the woods. I was a little hesistant because of all the skeeters and Stacy definitely did not want to, so we scratched that idea. So we decided to go check out the car show if it was still going on. We walked back down the trail towards the car. Leaving the woods is always a little unnerving because it seems like there may be a cop or someone waiting for us just around the corner. There never is though, and this time was no exception. When I got in the car, I was definitely starting to trip harder.

We drove down to check out the car show but it looked like it was just about over, so we just went over to the Blockbuster parking lot where we decided we were gonna park, then get out and walk around Seans neighborhood. Sean ate another one. Stacy ate one too. It seemed like we were the center of attention because we had our doors open just sitting in this parking lot for no reason. Finally we all got out and began walking.

We walked behind this little store on the corner to get to the street and Sean saw something next to the side of the building. He pointed it out and it looked like a grow light. Those rectangular white ones. I guess the hippies that worked in that store left it outside for some reason. Although it looked like it might not be one. We began walking down the sidewalk. A car went by and honked. I was beginning to realize this was not such a good idea but we kept going. We walked and walked and I was tripping just looking at everything. Going down this one road we saw a guy on the left walking down a couple yards (it looked like) and then go up to a light on the front of the house and try to change the bulb. It was weird because it kind of looked like he was a burglar or something. We kept walking and walking and Stacy kept falling behind which made her get mad at us because we were walking too fast. I think it was just a natural thing for us to walk that fast because Sean and I had always walked down that road stoned (roted) and we would always just try and hurry up to get back to his house. Once we were pretty far away from the car we wondered how we we even got that far. But we were on our way back, but on a busier street. This is when I started to get paranoid about cops. Just walking down the side of a neighborhood street this late at our age and tripping all combined to make it not good. We agreed we were not kids anymore and it would seem odd. Or would it? Another way of looking at it would be that we lived in this neighborhood and were just some adults talking a walk. It was only like 11 or so. The whole while I felt like I was somewhat drunk because of the way it felt when I was walking. But it was cool. Stacy gave me a piece of gum and when I crumbled the wrapper in my fingertips it felt so weird. That is one thing I remember distinctly. Sean and I started to feel like running just to get out of there. Every car that went by we prayed would not be a cop and I guess our prayers came true because we never saw one. Another car honked at us a little bit before we got near our car. Geez I was tripping even harder now! I was following Sean and I thought he was gonna walk to Blockbuster but he went to the car instead. He said he was tripping now.

We all got in the car and felt a sense of relief. Safety. A couple of minutes later we took off but then I realized we were tripping! Oh God what are we doing?? "Are are you sure you can drive?" I kept asking Sean. I was getting scared. Sean said yeah but he always thinks he can drive when he really should not.

I was in the backseat of this Eclipse with hardly any room normally but now it seemed like there was a lot of room. Also, Stacy and Sean began talking at the same time and I could hear what both of them were saying at the same time. It seemed like their voices were far away even though they were really about a foot away. Very strange.

We drove through the parking lot and parked near my car so we could decide what to do. They wanted to go to my house and finish the rest of the trip there. I did not know what to do I was tripping so hard. There was no way I was gonna drive 20 miles down the highway to my house though! So I said let us just go eat or something and we took off. Sean turned on the CD plyer with some rap and then Stacy began saying something and they began arguing. I could not take it! I said take me back to my car! We turned around and went near my car but then I changed my mind. I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad so we went to this 24-hour restaurant that was in the same shopping center. I got out and went in. Walking through the entrance and into the bathroom was definitely very strange experience. I was just trying to concentrate on getting to the bathroom and taking a leak. But all the sights and sounds and colors........No! I had to resist and not be stupid! So I pulled the bathroom door open very strangley like I could barely do it and went inside. I went to the stall and took a leak. It felt awesome. I did the old foot flush in a public bathroom technique and then went to the sinks. I didn't even look at the guys who were next to me. I just washed my hands and dried them. Then i looked in the mirror. My pupils were definitely dialted. Not to the extreme though. And God if I did not have the cheapest white trash hairdo going on. Well I left the bathroom and through the wonderland and out into the night. Back in the car.

We decided to just drive around Seans hood. Driving around there with the radio on and Stacy and Sean arguing was starting to be too much and I felt a bad trip coming on. I think I said "I cannot take this!" or something. Then Sean wanted to get some of those free disinfectant wipes you get at Diamond Shamrock so we drove over there. He wanted to get all the bug spray off his hands. We had about a gram left which did not make us feel all that great so I said we needed to get rid of it. More audio and space distortions accompanied the ride along with thoughts of "What are we doing?! We should not be driving!" Pulling into Diamond Shamrock Stacy and I thought Sean was going too fast. Stacy got out and got the wipes. We sat there too long while Sean had to open each little packet and wipe his hands. Then we took off. We started going down the highway and it seemed SO fast and dangerous. Before we turned into this Texaco, a Sheriff passed us by. Oh God. Good thing we turned in. Sean thought I said to come to this Texaco but I meant go down the road behind the Texaco so I could throw out the shrooms. Whenever anyone talked it sounded like they were far away and it was hard to understand them. Everyone seemed to be talking at the same time.

Driving down the road I thew the shrooms out and then tore the little baggie into little pieces out the window. I usually do not litter but my life was at stake. Sort of. So then we decided to call Seans brother to see if his mom was up so we could go back there. I called and he said she was asleep. Sean did not believe either me or his brother so we drove by there and he said "No way!" because he saw some light on. It is funny, they smoke weed right outside his house every night but he is too afraid to just walk in and go to his room. I gess he just gets way too paranoid. He may have social anxiety disorder too. I was more paranoid and scared of us driving around tripping, constantly worrying about cops.

So we finally just decided to go to my house and do something there. I decided for Sean to drive good, we should all be silent and let him concentrate. It worked for about half the way there but someone (like Sean) would break the silence. This would end up with Sean slowing down so I told him we all needed to be quiet! They wanted something to eat so we pulled into a Taco Cabana. Stacy and I needed to pee so we got out. Again, like the other place going in here was very odd. They had two sets of doors you had to go through and they was this little vacuum phenomenon going on in between them, which was cool. I just went straight to the bathroom and took a leak, then got out of there. So then we went through the drive-through so they could get some food. Stacy was unable to get any breakfast items so we headed to Taco Bell down the road after Sean got his stuff. We were actually almost home!

On the last main road before my house, another Sheriff pulled out in front of us. Oh God. Sean freaked out and started yelling or something which made Stacy freak out too. Luckily we made it with no problems.

We went in my house and it looked different. My brother had just bought a new rug. Sean ate a couple more from my stash. We checked the lottery numbers and then decided to watch Double Jeopardy with Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones. I fell in love with Judd in this movie. I love her so much. Looking at her was unbelievable. Anyways, Sean began tripping even more while we watched the movie. It was a good movie too.

After the movie, Sean and Stacy were about ready to leave. My car was still down south and although I had come down pretty much, it was late and I really did not want to drive all the way down there and back, although I did want to watch Sean enjoy the rest of his trip. So I said goodbye and 5 mimutes later the phone rang. It was my girlfriend. A second later my brother walked in the door. Anyways, I went upstairs, checked my email and then decided to try and write this report. I got too tired and decided to finish it later, which I am doing now on Sunday.

But that's about it. These shrooms got me pretty good. 2 grams of these with some weed NOT on an empty stomach seemed to be a lot better than 6 grams of another batch ON an empty stomach. I still do not know why this happened, etc. More testing needs to be done. But aside from the paranoia, it was a pretty interesting trip. It was the type of trip I remembered having when Sean and I first tripped. At one point like I said when we were driving around it started to get bad but what was I gonna do? Jump out of the car and go run and hide? That is funny. I just rode out the rest of the trip and it was not so bad. Next time, set and setting will be better because I know the potency of these shrooms and what they are capable of. I was surprised I tripped so hard only 2 days later! Hope you enjoyed the report! Comments? Questions? mightybop2001@yahoo.com

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