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These people know how to party


Alrighty... so in the process of waiting for my own batch to start fruiting I'm feeling a little fiend-ish and decide to purchase some mushrooms. My friend/dealer drops me off at the house party with the bag, and being probably around the 30th time I've taken them I decided to take them in doses. The first problem occurred in that my doses occurred every 15-30 minutes and I felt I couldn't stop eating them. Well this is about midnight, and half the other people at the party already started taking them so I pop about an 1/8th out of my quarter right off the bat.

I then started rollin up a blunt, got down and walked around the neighborhood smokin it. I find that marijuana helps kick-off a good buzz. So as expected the smoke started tasting a little different and the outdoors became 'more' 3D. A female who I didn't know approaches me and I offer her a phat roach. At this point my legs are feeling a little limp (Giving me the walking down stairs effect) and I had a really good body buzz. By the time we get back to the house the chick wants to climb the tree in the front yard. So we do, and in the process of trying to get her to serve me up with some proper dome I somehow mangle her words of "I live in the garage" to "I came out the garbage" and when I ask her about it she is shocked and falls out of the tree!

OK enough of that bitch. So I walk inside and notice a picture that's a little unusual. Now before I was trippin' and before the black light was turned on, this picture was just kinda blobs of red paint smeared on a plaque. No no no, not anymore! The picture had very vivid evil skulls everywhere, until I turned the painting 90 degrees, then BAM after looking at it for 30 seconds I see a waterfall with hundreds of shrooms popping out of it, with lush vegetation all around in PERFECT detail, and knowing that I'm a little color blind I was surprised at the range of colors I seen in a red painting.

I notice more people had showed up since I left. One was obviously an experienced tripper: She had a bag of tricks full of anything you could want while shroomin (minus the extra pack of smokes). By now I'm FUCKED UP in complete euphoria with no sign of reality comin' back anytime soon. I find a squirt gun in the bag of goodies and upon realizing it wasn't 'loaded' when I see somebody who 'resembled' a cop run through I became very depressed. Old girl from the tree recovered and offered to fill it up. When she brought it back to me all I could think was "I'M LOCKED AND LOADED! ITS ON" and started shootin everything I could see. People were jumpin out of the kitchen window, somebody started firing back with another squirt gun and then I shot one off on my own head.

This was the coolest part of my trip: I thought I died... but it wasn't bad, not at all. I was actually reborn... as a WOLF. yyyeah. I was runnin around the house on all fours and found myself in the backyard howling at the moon. My ex-army buddy sees me and tries to get me to wrestle... in the middle of him talking I start understanding English again and stand up. Then I couldn't control my legs and started stumbling. I fell but kept bouncing... I bounced all the way to the fence in which I MELTED INTO THE FENCE. I was ONE with the fence. I started swinging on the door and about hit somebody's parked car. Immediately after seeing the car I snap out of it and jump off. Next to me I see people suspended on the clothes line telling me they're flying. I'm feeling awkward so I go back inside only to find somebody in the shower with their clothes on flinging their arms and therefor water EVERYWHERE. In another room some dude tries jumping through a mirror on the wall so I went over to check out what he was seein. My face looked pretty normal to me at first, against what I had heard... then I turned my head down: the shadowing on my face made me think I was a demon... looking like Phoenix from Xmen3. I sit down still thinking I'm a demon and somehow I slowed down time, but not for long. In all my tripping experience time correlation is fucked up but I visually noticed time slow... but I couldn't control it. About the same time I made a ball of fire with my hands (come to find out later I had a flashlight) and pulled it out of my chest. I strained hard to pull it out of my chest too.

Next thing you know (around 3-4am) dogs are barking everywhere, half the house is flippin thinking there's cops because the neighbors are pissed we've been partying all night. We all kind of woke up after that. At this point I notice my knee is bleeding everywhere and I sit down (again). The heaviest, weirdest hallucinations started coming in. First came the tracers... starting off as white dots that moved with me... almost made my vision look like the night sky. When this subsided, reality became 'slanted'. I could see my voice as a physical part of the air and there were physical slants in my vision. I put my hands up to my face (along the sides) and then felt like I was trapped inside of a box. Shortly after this subsided my entire POV was covered in a chain link fence pattern with diamonds in all the holes... except everything was half-invisible... the fence pattern was made of squigglys and the diamonds were pushing from the inside towards the perimeter. The rest of the night was your normal come-down from hallucinogens where you have trouble sleeping and smoke a lot... but what I've found personally cool as hell is weed gets me high again. I was getting so tolerant of THC that I would actually smoke myself sober... but now when I smoke a couple blunts I just get shroom 'flashbacks'... I get tracers sometimes... but usually I see a horizontal line of lights where there shouldn't be any... that night was so crazy I wish I could remember all of it... but speaking of which I need to go pick up on some caps
Peace out

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