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There's no control when you're on the moon...

This was my 10th time tripping on shrooms.

This was my 10th time tripping on shrooms. Most of my previous trips have been very inspiring to me and have helped me to view the world and myself in a different way. I have never used mushrooms just to get fucked up, and I always try to respect mushrooms for what they are.
I was visiting a few friends at college in florida over spring break and this girl I knew hooked me up with a quarter oz of dried Copelandia cyanescens. Just looking at these mushrooms tripped me out; they had large golden caps and narrow yellow stems that were a stained very dark blue. I could tell they were picked fresh locally because they had a faint cow shit smell and a little bit of shit in the bottom of the bag (yeah, i had to clean that shit out).
Anyway, on to my experience. At around 9 o'clock on my first evening of vacation I decided to eat the shrooms with my friend(we'll call her A). So A and I dosed our fungus at the same time. I proceeded to eat an 8th of mine while A ate an unknown amount(this included a few small cyanescens that she had left over and a large cubensis stem; I guess she had around 3 grams). I downed my bag with a beer, I figured this would easy my anxiety about eating these guys, since I had heard they were potent.
Damn. These shrooms creeped up on me in 15 minutes, no kidding. I was sitting outside with a few people just talking. Then I felt the usual strange sense of anxiety and anticipation, except this time it was quite strong. The next thing I know the concrete under me seems to be sinking down and I see rotating flower-like patters coming out of the wall in front of me. This is interesting i think to myself. I feel like I'm rising up, lifting off the ground in a weird way, more of a mental elevation. Suddenly I am not comfortable with being around people. I lost my sense of trust, even though I knew these people fairly well. I got out of there fast and went to get a drink of water. My head became disconnected, I stumbled to the water fountain. As the water came out, dots of blue and pink sprayed up from the water and into my vision.
I noticed that this trip seemed quite a bit different from my previous cubensis trips. During the come up I didnt haveas much mental confusion, but rather a great deal more visual smoothness. Very visual to say the least! I had never had visuals like this before, I was in complete awe. I thought the onset and first visuals were quite fascinating, but this didnt prepare me for what I would experience later that evening.
I was pretty overwhelmed at this point. I was starting to lose my connection with reality, very much so. I layed down on A's bed to calm down and closed my eyes. My body was shaking alot, muscle tension i suppose, and I needed to mentally calm myself down and slow my heart beat. Rotating spirals and geometric shapes of color flowed rapidly behind my eyelids, dancing to the techno music that was playing in room. I opened my eyes and the ceiling began to swirl and drip towards me. I looked to the ground and the tiles seemed to go from being connected to spreading out into small fractals and weird shapes. 'A came back in the room and asked if I was ok. I told her I was fine and that I was just enjoying the closed eye visuals. I asked A if she was tripping yet and she said she really didnt know(she's only done shrooms 2 times before and she didnt know what to expect i suppose)I could tell she was tripping later because she would just go stand in the corner and hide, and occasionally go from frowning to smiling.
I had calmed down quite a bit, but my trip continued into a strange sense of being. The only way I can describe this is to say that it was kind of a spiritual cartoon land. When i got up and walked back outside everything seemed to have a special meaning. I would look at people's faces and I could see what they were thinking. The expressions on people's faces were very warped and unrealistic. They went from looking happy to absolutely evil and demonic. I still felt i couldn't really trust anyone because of this. I literally could not communicate with anyone either. I sat down in a chair outside for 30 minutes, simply saying to myself, "What?! I dont understand. Why am I here and who are these people?" And i really didnt understand anything at the time. All of reality was swimming and spinning in and out of my head. I became very confused and panicked. I got up and ran out to the sea wall behind the school to escape. I thought about my situation and realized that I had made the choice to eat these mushrooms and I could control myself. This helped me calm down. My other friend L and A came to find me. A was tripping but not nearly as hard as me. I told them that we should smoke a bowl and chill her for awhile. Smoking bud helped calm me some but then the trip took a very visual and emotional turn, literally. I looked out over the bay, and it was a very clear night so i could see all the stars and the moon. I cant describe how incredible the night sky and the shimmering water looked. I felt like i was one individual soul who was permanently happy and one with the universe. I felt so connected the the world and this was very calming to me. Gentle breeze, waves, and the massive dark globe of sky around me made me feel strangely satisfied and at home. I dont think i have ever achieved pure bliss like that before. It was truly amazing to feel the sky, sea, and myself join together.
I lit up a cigarette, just because i felt the urge, and i kept smoking it for what seemed like a hour. I would eventually remember to look down and then realize that my cigarette had been out for quite some time, even though i kept lifting it to my mouth. I couldnt even feel the cigarette on my lips or the smoke in my lungs. This seemed strange to me. I continued to do this many times that evening.
For some strange reason i felt the need to make my bliss keep going. So i convinced A and L the head back to A's room. I told them i needed to do somthing. when we returned I ate the other 8th of blue meanies. This was probably a mistake on my part, but i rationalized it in my head and figured that I could handle it due to my previous experiences with shrooms. I wanted to reach a new dimension and understanding of what was around me so i figured this was the way to do it. From what I remember, i ate the second 8th about 2 hours into my trip. I was already peaking fairly hard, but i felt like the mushrooms wanted me to explore their world even further, and so much further i went.
I sat in A's room for a while longer and drank two more beers, this added a strange edge to my trip. Everything, transformed into a mental rollercoaster from there. The room around we was severely warped and distorted, the walls were waving and i felt very disconnected and out of place. I felt the desire to be alone because i needed to do some thinking in a quiet place. --I cant say much more about A's trip because i left soon, but the next day she said she ate more shrooms from another friend that night and ended up talking to a dead grasshopper for a couple hours.(HAHA! this seemed very funny to me).
So i left my friends A and L and headed back to my hotel room which was all the way on the other side of campus, and it seemed like i walked forever in the dark to get there. My imagination was going wild. I felt like I was in a jungle and that all the trees were bending over me. The kept moaning and laughing at me. The sidewalk was bending and the grass looked like flowing water in the light of the streetlamps. I kept thinking that the clumps of tree moss on the sidewalk were dead animals and this scared and confused me a bit.
I finally got to the parking lot by my hotel and then i almost lost it. (I always try to use mushrooms as a learning tool and i never abuse their power, but at this point these 7 grams of mushrooms started to abuse me.) I got what i can only describe as an intese rush of confusion in my brain once i got to the parking lost. I felt like I was on the fucking moon because i was tripping out way to far. All the ligths wouldnt stay still, the ground was swelling very much, and then i tried to find my car, but it was nowhere to be found. I thought i was in another world that was playing a trick on me. I got a strong sinking feeling in my gut. I stumbled up the stairs to my door and it took me forever to make out the room numbers because they kept bending and i couldnt make much sense of them.
In my room at last! My hotel room seemed very different than normal. So much visual distortion. The bathroom light shone through the cracked door and this freaked me out for some reason. I walked in, and looking in the mirror. Whew! Talk about being tripped out. My face seemed to be made of 2D paper that was pasted onto my neck. My eyes were bugging out and my skin was dripping. My facial features kept warping and changing expressions. I looked happy, sad, and evil all at once. These images blurred together and cause quite a bit of fear, probably because i didnt recognize myself, nor did i trust the mirror for what it showed me. I ran to my bed and hid under the sheets. I felt like I was a rubber spiral that was entangled in the bed, I peered out, grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. This trip only seemed to get crazier and more out of control. Images on TV were completely out of whack. People were animals and strange creatures. They had multiple heads, eyes, and arms and thay each reflected different personalities. Audio was so distorted thay it sounded like some sort of strange foreign language that i could never concieve of. I was going Mad! I turned my attention from the tv to the room around me. On one side, the door seemed so tiny and distant and the room sloped upward and spun around into a dark open expanse of nothing, talk about confusing. I dont remember much after this because i was too far removed from my normal state of mind. I glanced at the clock which i thought said 11:11 and then i passed out.
I woke up at 10:11 the next day which seemed strange. I slept for exactly 11 hours i think. That evening really messed with my brain. I based some of my relationships with people off of this trip and I changed my opions about quite a few people going foward. I realized how powerful mushrooms can be and how fragile and open my brain is. I have a much higher respect for mushrooms now.


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