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The world and beyond

Being my second shroom trip I thought it was going to be a little more mild.

Being my second shroom trip I thought it was going to be a little more mild. I was wrong. Totally wrong. I ate about 6 grams and then streched out and watched some TV with my friend and my cat. My friend was channel surfing and turned it to VH1. It was a behind the music on "The Mamas and the Papas". Thats when my shroom trip began to kick in. The members of the group The Mamas and the Papas started talking about things I had done that day. It was creeping me out a little. I remember thinking "Jesus, don't I have ANY privacy?!?!?" My friends shroom trip probably hadn't kicked in because he was singing along to the little snippets of music they were playing. I looked down at my cat and as I was petting him, my hand was going right into his gut. It was being envoloped my blackness. I was almost convinced my cat was going to get pissed and tell me to stop, but he just kept purring. My friends shroom trip kicked in about now because he put his feet up on the couch afraid of sinking into the quicksand floor. I found this kinda amusing. I decided to get up and move around. I started to peak around this time. The walls looked like they were gonna snap in half and the floor was making little bumps. This was very cool. A half an hour past. It got darker. Clouds rolled in. The storms began. Now, a storm isn't necessarily a bad thing, but thunderstorms are. I was convinced that the giants had come to take back the earth. And after a little convincing, my friend believed that too. We went into the basement and waited for a little while. After we went back upstairs the thunder had gone, leaving just the rain. It was beautiful. It came down in many different colors. The clouds were orange and the sky was black. I knew I wasn't on earth anymore, that the giants had moved us away. I thought this new world was beyond what normal humans could ever comprehend and that living here would be wonderful. After a while of just playing in the rain, I settled on the couch and pleasantly came down. This was the most adventerous trip I've been on. A little good, a little bad, a little scary. But in the end---AWSOME!

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