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The Woods

A couple buds of mine and I decided to trip one day in the woods near my house.

A couple buds of mine and I decided to trip one day in the woods near my house. It was a cloudy day with a little bit of sunshine. We each took two tabs of acid and I included about 2 caps and 2 stems of shrooms. We dropped the tabs at around 1:30. At about 2:00 we put in the Wizard of Oz synched with Pink Floyd's "The Dark side Of the Moon". At around 2:30 I started to feel the effects. They were very faint. I started laughing alot and the walls started to cave in moderatly. We decided to go outside and head towards the woods. I looked at the street in front of my friends house and It started to melt. That was cool. We decided to head down to my friends house to grab some stuff for our journey. This is when it really started to kick in. My friend has really funny looking dogs which made me laugh my ass off. We were chilling in his back yard for a while where my friend busted out an acoustic guitar and started playing Stairway to Heaven. We went upstairs in his room to smoke bowls where I looked at the walls and they started to breath and pop out at me. He had a fan on in his room which really tripped me out 'cuase I thought it was some kind of vacumn to another dimension. We were chillin until one of my friends busted out a paintball gun and started shooting. Thank god there was no paintballs in it. That shit tripped me out really bad because at the time, I had a killer stomach ache and I thought it was a real gun which I thought I was shot. I thought I was in a war. I literaly thought he shot me in the stomach and I could see blood all over. We decided to head down to the woods where I lost all sense of reality. It looked like the trees kept on growing and wouldnt stop.The grass on the floor started to grab me. All my friends looked like elves. I started to hear voices everywhere. I was lost. I was on the thin line of fiction and reality. My friend couldnt shut his mouth. He kept on talking and talking. I literally thought I was my friend whenever I would talk because I would just picture him talking and talking. Every time the sun would shine I would think I was headed towards heaven. We decided to climb the hills in the woods and find a spot to chill on and see a bitchen view of my town all the way down to Los Angeles. At this point i was seeing fat tracers and visuals. I thought I was in a movie. I couldnt think straight. Every thing i thought i would say. It was like a voice inside of me was fucking babbling constant. My friends and I thought we were insane. We couldnt think straight. "This shit is too intense" is what I kept on thinking. At this point on the hill it was nightime and I was still frying balls. The little town with all the lights seemed as though it was a picture. THe streets and lights spelled out words that I couldnt make out. We were walking and I thought I was a giant. Little cracks in the floor looked as though they were great big canyons. My shit was fucked. I thought i was a bag inflating and deflating whenever I would breath. I was sick so it was hard for me to breath. I felt as though i was dead because i could not feel my body.I was really zoning out. I felt as though my spirit exited my body. I felt as though I could dig my self in a hole and live in their. I was really fucked.
Anyways to sum it up, what i just told you was only about 30% of my trip. So much shit happened to my brain that day that words cannot describe. I tripped for about 12 hours insanely and I can't remember too much. I learned so much from this experience that it has changed my life. I learned of what I was afraid of and what makes me happy. The question in my head the whole time I was tripping until now is "What the fuck?" . Take care everyone!!

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