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The Upward Spiral

This was my first trip.

This was my first trip. It was just after the May 24 weekend 2002. It was a Tuesday. I went to my friends house to score some pot originally and he told me that he had something else that would blow my mind. I was a little nervous about the aspect of trying shrooms, but was told that you couldn't have a bad trip (I learned otherwise on later trips.)He explained what they did, and also told me not to do them alone and to find a friend that I trusted with my life for my first trip to guide me, as I was on my lunch break from school, and couldn't stay with him.

One of my best friends, and party buddies, "L" as I will call her, is a shroom veteran, and I knew this, and she had enrolled for the remainder of the year just weeks before, so I was in luck. I told her that I had scored some shrooms and wanted my first trip to be with her, and she was happy to say the least.

We had decided that we would do the shrooms at around 1:30 (another break) because school would be almost over. It was a very beautiful day out so most of the adult students (I was attending an adult education centre) were skipping. So we decided that we would take the rest of the day off after we ate the shrooms.

We went into "The Pines" as the area is called where all the druggies went to do their business, and we broke them up and we each got a gram and a half each (I was told not to take more then that since it was my first time)...so we ate them and about a half hour later or so, my friend L is tripping out and laughing her ass off at nothing, and I hadn't felt anything yet....finally at about 3:15 I started feeling "kicks" and knew that they were starting because things started to flow around me. It was quite amazing. I had not expected anything like this, and it was an exquisite treat, but I was to learn that that was just the start of the upward spiral.....

I called my cab to go home at about 2:30 and one of the cab drivers is a good friend of mine, and I trusted her, so I requested her. So she picks me up and I say goodbye to my friend who is still laughing her ass off at god knows what (I learned the next day that she had seen a dog near the school and he was taking a shit and she thought this was hilarious.) She had also told me that the shrooms I had scored were the best she had ever had. hehe

So I'm on my way home and my cabbie friend, decided that she wanted a coffee and we drove to the nearest Tim Hortons, and then all of a sudden, the shrooms just kicked in and things were very very sharp, and I saw a rainbow patterns around everything and it was glorious to see. So we're ordering (drive thru) and I hear the girl on the speker and I don't remember what she was saying, but I found this hilarious and started laughing my ass off, and my cabbie looked at me and said "Tripping out are we?" and I was laughing so hard that I couldn't find words and she started laughing with me. (I later found out she actually knew when she looked in my eyes and then when I started laughing for no reason, that had confirmed it)

I had told her that it was my first trip and she said "you're in for a treat honey!" and turned up the music, and all of a sudden this really fucking tripy song came on called "Supersexworld" by One Ton. I tell ya, it is my favourite song now :) When I get home I get out, and felt as though I had no body when I got out of the cab. I thought I was gonna fall over! It was crazy! I loved it! I said goodbye to my friend and she told me to enjoy my trip to the max and I just laughed.

When I got in the door, No one was home, which was fine. The first thing I did was crank the tunes on my room mate's kick ass stereo system (you can hear the thing a mile away) and I put on some tripy dance/techno music and I felt as though I was inside the music flowing with the beat. After that, I decided to go into my room mates room and look in his full length mirror and I looked at myself and got the "fun house" effect. It was fucking amazing.

After that, I decided that I was going to call my brother (big time shroomer and dropper). When he picked up the phone and said hello, I dropped to the floor and started laughing my ass off. When I finally stopped laughing (god knows how long that was) my brother was laughing and said to me "you're on acid or shrooms, aren't you?" and I told him shrooms. After that episode, I decided that I was going to clean up a bit and proceeded to do the dishes. the water seemed to move like waves and flowed through my hands and through my veins, and I was very excited by this. After the dishes were done (I have no idea how long it took me as time had no meaning to me)

After that, my room mate had come home, and I was sitting down on the couch just enjoying the world around me and listening to the music. I was tripping to the max at my peak. I had my eyes closed, and there were shapes moving together in harmony. I saw all the clours of the rainbow. I thought that I was on a rainbow. My room mate then got my attention and said to me, "I want to clean the house today" so I didn't decline because it gave me something else to do....For some reason, he is face went all curvy and I was mezmorized by it and he asked me why I was staring at him, and I said I was just gapped out. So we carried on.

So I whipped out the vaccuum and started doing that, and with the loud music playing (remember, kick ass stereo system) it felt as I was spiraling around everything and everything was flowing through me. I felt as though I was having an out of body experience. That is the best I can describe it. I can't explain it the best, but with the vaccuum going and the dance music blasting, it was mind blowing as my friend had described to me as they would do. It was the most intense feeling in the world. I had gotten a ton of energy and couldn't stop moving. When I was vaccuming as well, I felt like I was superwoman and started vaccuuming furiously. After that, I washed the floors, and they were moving beneath my feet swirling upwards to me. I stared laughing at the wall (which was a greyish green colour), and I though that it had a face and it started talking to me. My room mate was looking at me kinda weird (I thought that he didn't know I was on shrooms, I found out later that he knew by the way I was acting but he was cool with it because he had done them before)

After that, I decided to clean my room and I saw all of these weird patterns movinginto each other again or "morphing". I was in total euphoria thoroughout the whole trip. My room mates friends decided to drop by at this point. They had come over to watch the hockey game (Toronto Maple Leafs VS Ottawa) during the playoffs. I was starting to come down just after the hockey game started, and I started to feel depressed because I had felt so euphoric and now things were coming to an end. By the end of the hockey game I was back to my normal self and was exhausted.

I tell ya, that was the most glorious experience of my life.

I have been on 3 shroom trips now the last 2 trips were crap, but it was the batch. I had a bad trip my second time, where I thought the cat was going to eat me, but other then that, I knew my surroundings so I would call it a level 1. I will definitly do shrooms again.

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