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the ultimate reality

This trip I'm gonna write about was not supposed to happen the way it did.

This trip I'm gonna write about was not supposed to happen the way it did. I was overdosed by one of my best friends, and probably took more than 10 grams of the mexican shroom (and I was taking IMO inhibitors at the time). As it turned out, it was the best and the worst thing that ever happened to me.

I'll start at the beggining. I live in the US, and I was gonna spend a week in Brazil to attend to a friend's wedding. I had it all planned out with a friend who had access to shrooms that we were gonna take a little bit together. I'll call this friend Julie. The problem is, this friend wanted to hook up with me. Ever since I had told her that I had been with girls, she wanted to experiment (even though she was married). So then on the set day I went to her house, where she and her husband were waiting for me. I told her I had to be back home soon, so I just wanted something like two or three grams. I dosed the ammount that I wanted (the shroom was grained) and I went to the living room. So this is the backgroung of the story.

As it turns out, she came back with my tea, which I drank unsuspectingly. I had taken shrooms many times before, and I knew what to expect. As soon as the shrooms started acting, I noticed a paiting on the wall, and kept staring at it. The painting tuned into a zoo, and then into arabian tends, and in no time I was completely hipnotized by the picture. After about half an hour, my friend Julie, who told me she had taken shrooms (but didn't) started hitting on me.

When I take shrooms everything that is truthful is obvious to me. I can see a lie as much as I can see the wall in front of me. I can see who my real friends are, and who is faking it. And it was no different this time. So I realized that my friend had put all the shrooms in my cup, and taken none. I asked her what she was seeing, and she said "oh, little bright stars all around". The moment I looked at her I knew she was lying. I got very disappointed, and I decided to call my best friend so that she could pick me up and get me out of there.

She wasn't at home, so I left my friend's house and started walking towards my house. I wasn't really walking, I was running and crying and I looked like I was trying to escape from a rapist. I somehow managed to go to a bar that is close to my house. Meanwhile, all the symptoms of the shroom were getting stronger, since I had taken it like 90 minutes ago. I sat in the bar and I was crying, soon a crowd joined around me to know why I was crying. I didn't care about making a scene. I felt that all the people there were part of me. I couldn't call my friend Ann anymore, so I have my cel phone to someone next to me and they called her. When she answered, I started shouting, "you have got to come pick me up, I am overdosing, I need somewhere to go". The most interesting happened when I was talking to her on the phone. I felt as if talking to her was my conection to life, it gave me energy. I felt that if she hang up, I was gonna die. I could feel a life-line connecting both of us, and she was saving me. She was somewhere 30 minutes away and she had no car, so she said she would try to borrow one from someone and go pick me up. Meanwhile, she told me to go to her house (which was always open) and go straigh to her room. I managed to find my way. Her house was a block away from where I was, yet I felt lost, I had a hard time getting there.

Fast-forward. I was lying in her bed waiting for her, and i could HEAR Ann shouting with her friends, 30 miles away: "I NEED THE CAR! Juliana (me) IS OVERDOSING IN MY HOUSE!" Not only I could hear that, I could hear her spirit telling me to hang on, that she was getting there. She called me and I asked her, "are you feeling what I'm feeling?" she was like, "obviously not, I didn't take anything" but at the same time she said that I could feel her soul telling me to hang on. It was the most incredible thing. (After the event, she told me about her trying to borrow a car and telling her other friends that I was in a critical state -- the same things I had heard).

She finally got to her house. I hugged her and I felt I was melting into her, and I loved her so much and that was all I could think of. I wanted her to be tripping to, so she could experince reality just like I was, so that she could see the world as I was seeing it -- a loving evergy where everything was interconnected. I felf like I was a part of the universe, and like the universe was part of me. Me and my friend went out of the house to the sidewalk (to wait for another friend to pick us up) and I felt so much like I was part of everything that I suddenly ran and threw myself backwards onto the sidewalk. I still don't know how my skull didn't break into two pieces. It didn't break, though. After I stood up, I put my hand on my head, felt the huge bump in my head, and announced my friend that I was going backwards in time, to undo what I had done. Now, to this day I still think that might have happened, and at that moment I had no doubt it was happening. As far as I knew, I was God, and the material world was controlled by my thoughts.

Now back to her house, other things that happened: I threw out the window my rings and my earings. They were worth hundreds of dollars, but I looked at them and I felt they were meaningless and I felt puzzled as to why I had valued a piece of metal for so many years. I also wanted to cut all my hair, get rid of my clothes, and everything that wasn't natural. Fortunately my friend didn't let me do it. She had makeup on, and whenever I looked at her I could see the lipstick and the mascara floating right in front of where it was supposed to be. It was not in her face, it was floating over it. I though once again how shrooms can strip human beings of everything that is fake.

In this trip I realized how narrow is the reality we experience in our daily lives. I felt as if reality had many layers, many levels of understanding.

After a few hours being out of space and out time, I came back to what we call reality. The memories of that day have changed my life, my understanding of the universe. It was very traumatic at the time, because of the circumstances, but it was worth it.

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