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First Time,ever


Hi. I am not sure if my trip would be classified as a 1, 2 or maybe even 3, but I would say a 2. My friend and I, had never done it before, but we had confidence, and it was from a reliable source. Around where i live, the stuff if pretty damn powerful, but it didn't start out good.

We had quested for a whole couple days, to get ahold of a moderate amount. It would be half the usual average doseage, as it was out first time. We finally, got ahold of what we wanted, and happy happy happy, I left my backpack unattended and some asshole, a kinda friend to me, took part of our package, thinking we wouldn't know.

When the time came to eat, we looked down, confused. How could someone rob us, especially on our first time. Disapointed but still excited, we ate them plain, and gagged and coughed until the taste was gone, and relaxed, kind of. We got that excited mental high that comes before doing something big and exciting, but it soon wore off. We were hiking in a very large park, about 10 miles wide, at about 12pm in the afternoon. The sun was out, no clouds, but after walking for an hour, we got skeptical.

My experienced friend had warned us that it might take a long time to start, and don't worry, it would. But, i was starting to feel mildly ill, and he hadn't told us that. I got scared for a minute, but friend told me to shut up, i was fine, and that made all the difference. We hiked, and 10 minutes later, came upon our destination.

This peak is at about a 1000 feet, 300 meters or so, and overlooks our whole city. A breathtaking view, we sat on the lone picknick bench, and wondered what to do. The fun started when I laid down upside down, dangling my head over the edge of the table, so everything was upside down. I had a sudden realization that the whole world was really floating in the sky of another world. The tree's looked like hanging roots, like froma science fictin move. I tried to explain it to my friend, but he saw nothing.

The trip started midway and kept shooting up and up. I had realizations I was a secret agent, mildy, and ran around the forest attacking terrorists. My friend walked down the dirt road, mad as hell he didn't feel anything. I tried to cheer him up, but 40 minutes after the first effects, I was walking down a steep rutted road, and saw all the ruts as rivers, and I controlle 6 little river rafts, and was navigating them all. The visions were not to distinguishable, it was mainly a feeling, but quite convincing and fun.

We finally came up civilization, and I was tripping hard, for my first time. I plopped down on the dirt road and closed my eyes to beautiful twirling designs dancing on my closed eyelids. My friend's bad mood was getting me down, but I would suddenly see a spider web and bound over to inspect it and be happy again.

We came upon a Merry-Go-Round, with lots of people and kids, and I fealt very very out of place. But, we walked to the kiosk where they were selling candy. At the moment my friend handed over his money, his trip hit hardcore. He held his hand out, with the money, but wouldn't let the attendent take it. I was staring, wide eyed at the way the Merry-Go-Round made a river of rainbows as it zoomed around, and many parents were staring at us. My friend came to sit on a bench, wide eyed as he stared at his Gummy Frogs. HE told me later that the frogs were jumping all over his body, tickling him, but after we started to laugh quite uncontrollably, we left and sat on a bus stop, in the middle of this park.

As we sat down, I missed the bench by 5 feet, landing in the dirt, I couldn't believe what was happening. I scrambled for the bench, having a sudden sensation the ground was water and I was going to sink, but I made it. I stared at the ground, watching it sway and little waves roll and was enticed by the ripples made by my feet. My friend was out now, staring, laughing, pointing. We looked across the midly busy road, to see a hillside. The swaying grass portrayed the happiest sight I have seen. I was in a sudden aura, happy as hell, smiling so much it hurt. I saw cars go by it, and it seemed they were surfing the grass waves. We stayed at that bus stop for an hour and a half, talking to tree's, hearing a tree tell us to concentrate and stare at the fence across the street.

We finally caught the bus, paying $5 each, for the 60 cent bus fare. Thats almost a hundred times more then we should have. The bus ride was incredbile, like a roller coaster, and the laughs and screams earned us many glares, but we made it to our stop, a block from my house. We walked, bumping into cars, and finally rolling down a hundred foot hill to reach my house, where the trip ended almost suddenly. It was great, I loved it, and I will keep doing it.

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