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The Transitive Nightfall of Diamonds

It was about 5:30 and my friend and I were planning on going out to our camping trail for a party that was going down later that night.

It was about 5:30 and my friend and I were planning on going out to our camping trail for a party that was going down later that night. (both to enjoy a good time AND make sure nobody trashes the place). He tells me to keep driving past the entrance to a field he once passed by. Well, it turns out that this field ends up being a HUGE ranch(appx. 1,600 acres) and has multiple grazing fields. I probably counted 600 cattle while driving down the road. He finds a good spot and tells me to drive up and pop open the hood of my crème colored ‘88 Volvo station wagon. The plan was that if anyone passed by and questioned...my car overheated and I was just waiting for it to cool down. Good idea. He told me he would be back in 20 minutes. Bad idea.

I sat at my car and waited and waited...watching the clouds drift by. An hour passes, as well as a few trucks, when suddenly I hear gunshots in the distance. I about shit right then but I decided to pump some Phish and chill myself out. Good idea. Ten minutes later Marshall comes out with a frown. "I looked for all that time and didn’t find shit". Then he laughed and dumped his bucket out on the top of my car and we both laughed insanely. The gunshots, he said, were just some redneck shooting out in the distance. By the time we arrived at the party at the camp site...we had about 4 pounds of some very nice Florida boomers.

We arrived about 9:00 and shared our wealth with some of the cooler kids at the camp. We met some cute girls and talked and my buddy and I jammed awhile (i play bongos) but then we decided to leave and go to a buddies house. Now, I've done LSD and shrooms before...but shrooms haven’t done much visually for me and LSD just trips my head out and makes me think and expand my mind. I REALLLY wanted to hallucinate...trails..colors..ANYTHING.

We got to my friends house at about 12:00 and I decided to take a pretty huge dose (a few rockets and about 12 caps). I’m a big guy...and the more the merrier right?

I arrived home at 1:00 am and walk into my bedroom. My older sister is getting out of the shower and I notice that the steam looks a whole lot like smoke. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time...but I believe that was the onset of my trip.

I take a shower and jump in bed putting on some Family Guy. I didn’t understand any of the plot or dialogue but the cartoon drawings were funny enough. Then I started to feel it...the shrooms grabbed me by the balls and yanked. My television was expanding and my walls were swirling in spirals all behind it. I was slowly sucked into the cartoon world and I really disliked it..so I turned it off.

I turned on my black light and sat and waited. Not much was happening and a feeling of disappointment was settling over. I took out my earphones and put on some Grateful Dead. I put my cd player on random and the song chosen was Dark Star...my favorite song of all time. I knew instantly that this was a sign..and from the first note of the tune..my trip started.

I was staring at my ceiling which is littered with glow in the dark stars. Because my black light was recently on they were glowing brighter then ever. I stared at a section of this stars and the trip began. The stars all bunched together and then became icicles stretching down towards me. I raised my hands to touch them and noticed that my hands were very large...when I spread my fingers out...they multiplied and swirled. I now had about 20 huge fingers spread and stretched toward luminescent icicles dripping from my ceiling. I thought about myself and how I must look at that moment. My mouth was wide open...my eyes were wide open...and I was slowly leaving my body behind.

The thought of thinking of how I looked sparked interest inside of me and I decided to look at myself in the mirror. BAD IDEA. I stared at myself and saw my face melt and my eyes dance all around inside my brain. This sort of scared me. I looked dead and pale. So I laughed it off and went back into my room.

I looked at the stars again. Nothing. I looked around my room. Nothing. Then I realized that my music was on pause. I slipped the earphones on and the trip immediately commenced again. The stars now formed pictures of joggers which were running toward me. I raised my arms and cheered them on laughing at myself and how odd it was to see joggers of all things. Then I became sick of the stars and turned my head to the darkest part of my room. The song was still playing and the words "Shall we go...you and I while we can? Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds" rang out. These words have always hit me in a special place but this time I felt like I knew the meaning. Suddenly...before my eyes...a display of color and geometric, Indian type patterns appeared. I actually felt my eyes to make sure they were actually open. I was literally dreaming with my eyes WIDE open. These visuals proceeded for at least the next half hour..until I tired.

My brain felt like mush and I really wanted to go to sleep. The trip had been amazing and EVERYTHING I hoped it would be. It did however, hit me with the same dull feeling as a LSD trip does after about 6 hours. IT IS JUST TOO LONG SOMETIMES. I felt like I was going insane..which was fine with me...but I decided I needed some fresh air. I walked right out my front door (which was stupid because my parents could EASILY hear me) but I didn’t care. I was outside of my body...wearing my spirit on the outside and using my corpse as a tool for getting somewhere. I lay down in my front yard and looked up at the sky...replaying the lyrics of Dark Star over and over again in my mind. The stars were brighter than I had ever seen and gave off the most incredible vibe I have ever felt.

Shall we go?

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