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the trade

my freind jeremy was coming over to smoke some of my sweet home grown skunk with me.

my freind jeremy was coming over to smoke some of my sweet home grown skunk with me. jeremy came over at 5 with a surprise for me. jeremy found left over from like a month ago a big tab of silver surfer lsd this was some very strong and pure stuff approx. 150 ugs, just enough for to people to have a fun recreational dose with an old freind. we ate the acid at 5;30 and a half hour later we each had 1/3 of a bottle of dxm just to be sure. at 6;15 we stoped watching t.v. andwent downstairs.i culd definatly feel both drugs now. the acid is stronger than i thought it would be as i am starting to see paterns unfolding everywhere.we went to my room turned the lights off and the music on. we got our big bong out and smoked at least a gram out of it. by now i was fried my room took on the look of a steamy jungle and was clouded with thik marijuanna smoke. my dad was calling us up stairs so we ran up and got our stuff ready then we went outside. outside it was crazy everything was glowing and radiating energy.the side walk was cawling and i could see faces morfing out of everything. the sun was setting and that ganged the way everything felt. i was on a noble golden journey that seemed to have a great perpous. we got to the place and was hit with a wave of paranoia as i realized how much i was tripping out. i would look at the carpet that was their and it started to swirl and when i looked in it i cold see so far into it it was 3-d. i managed to crawl to my seet as the show started. in the darkness geometric waves washed over me constanly. the music that was acommpaning the dances was really cheezie but it sounded fantastic and very meaningful. the stage seemed like it was a mile awayt and i couldnt focus on it as ever time i tried i would zone out and watch a hallucination. then just like that it was over. we were let loose outside seemed like one big blur of a tracer there were little creatures whose voices i could hear. after wandering around outside fot a n hour we went to a freinds party at 10;30.wwhat a great party . we were still peeking and their were all kinds of people that we new. my freind knows how to throw a good party and i felt like i was at a kings ball. we then had a huge match session, something like 1/2 0z. between 10 people over an hour. this didnt reduse the acid peek at all and it made it seem nice and dreamlike. it is 12 0'clock now and for the next hour and a half we go around the party haning out and socializing with peple and were still tripping out pretty good with no end in sight. somewhere along the line i ran into a freind who had some shrooms. my and jeremy draded an 1/8 of bud for 1/4 of mush. we left the party at 1;30and headed home. we got lost on the way ,pretty dumb. we wind up at esso to get munchies and get directions to my own house. the store seemed really big and bright and all the food was whispering "eat me". talking to the attendant proved difficult until for some reason i blurted out IM ON ACID. he then said he understood and that he was quite the pot head himself. he give we bought some food then went outside and he gave us directions. to show our gatitude we gave him a chunk of weed which he gladly accepted and we were on our way.we got home and altough we wernt peeking anymore (its now 2;15)we were still tripping. we sat at my kitchen table and smoked a joint then preparred a masive feast to have while we watched a movie. as usual food was most enjoyable. i could tell this was good acid because usually after 9 hours of acid i feel grumpy and restless but now i still felt great and mellow probably the dxm but still not sleepy. as usual on acid i had some truble understanding the movie but it was still enjoyable especially with our constant bong ripes.
at 5 in the mourning the movie ended and the sun would be up soon. the acid was still their but it was non visual at this point so we ate our shrooms then went for a walk. a half hour later we were smoking a joint at the edge of the vally watching the sunrise when the shrooms hit fast and hard . i was thrown into a diferent world everything was alive and flowing and talking . we walked through the valley i could see things growing and morphing into other thigs right befor my eyes. i had never been to the valley at this time of day while tripping. it seemed like my first time as everything was discovered as new again. ihad so much energy as we ran around frantically soaking everything up the world and my life was a sparkaling new reality. i lost all worries and found new ways to fix problems in my life. i remembered my childhood what i was like and who i wanted to be.eventually after learning all we wanted to know we left the vally athough we were still very stoned and at least a level 3 it was now 8;30. walking through my neiborhood i realized that i love where i live . we stopped at the park for awile and played frizbee then went home at 9;30. my parents and younger sister woke up . jeremy my sister and my self currled up on our couch and watched saturday morning cartoons and ifelt like a kid once more. my dad made bluebeerrie pancakes and bacon for braekfast. i was tripping through all the cartoons until 12;00 sometimes forgeting that i was watching something and believing it was reality . this was actually quite confusing as icontinously felt like i was existing in the tv show. finally at 12;00 i was tired and not tripping out so i said by to jeremy . then i had a shower washing every last of phycadelia off me . then i went to bed what a blast the last day had been.

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