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The time I saw God

Well, I got these bomb shrooms off this kid who was selling them individually by the shroom.

Well, I got these bomb shrooms off this kid who was selling them individually by the shroom. I bought five of them and brought them back (ripped off on weight, although I didn't know it at the time). Anyways, these things were bomb. I gave my two friends each one gram for free and took one for myself. I tripped and experiance something I will not speak of.
The next day I took the other two grams (these must have been transeki because they had quite the punch to them). I tripped with my strait-edge friend who was giving me shit for doing drugs, but oh well. I laid in my bed and she left the room for what she later reported as five minutes of absence. Well this five minutes felt like about a half hour.
I was hearing stuff and seeing disortions in my swirly, sparkly plaster cieling and thinking. My friend's words on God had gotten to my thought stream and I began to analize the concept of God. Questioning the Euphoria and the possible power behind the belief. The middle of the cieling started turning wildyly out of control and spiraling.
I saw then in this vortex, in mortal fear like I've never experianced. I felt like a pyro-plastic flow was staring me in the face and imposing on me!! I realized that God is not male or female, but more. Niether is God to be confined to the idea of contemporary Christians. God is out of control like a wild explosion. We mustn't try to put a will in God's mouth, God seemed to be will unbridled.
Then I heard the sentence, "you're going to die" and I freaked!! The voice spoke over and over again and the vortex turned scary!! My mind did wretch in restistance. Your going to die turned into me thinking I was going to die then and from the shrooms. At this point the voice said I would die from drugs over and over and over. And I think my friend interrupted me by walking in and I snapped out of that specific conscious frame.
I was stairing at my cieling, but What I saw was amaing and shook me to belief in God. In unbridled will. Which can be found in the human being as well.

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