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the thousand eye pillar of light

This was a very spectacular trip, and throughout it I was without other people.

This was a very spectacular trip, and throughout it I was without other people. I had taken shroomeroonies before, but only experienced mild effects such as body high, minor visualizations, and other things, but never to the degree with which they were present at this time.
It was the day after my College graduation, and my friend Wooga gave me, as a present, a good amount of shrooms. He later told me that the shrooms were powerful love mushrooms, and that I should take them with a girl I love, and have amazing sex with her, but, that didn't happen, as the night I had my love there, I also had a friend sleeping on the couch, and only a few hours sleep until I went to the graduation ceremony. Graduation went well, I made love to my love, and then she went back to germany, but that's another story, for another time. This story is of the night OF graduation. I was out all night on the town partying and such, and when I came home, it was very early, so early, that it wasn't worth going to sleep, 4:00 in the morning.
From experience I can tell you that all psychotropic substances are multiplied by an empty stomach, and sleep deprivation, and here, I was at the peak of both. So I dropped.
Within minutes after dropping, I began the Chitta Vrtti monkey mind and body high effect. I pondered leaving and going to the woods, but I wasn't certain that I could maintain physiological cohesion while in the forest. Also, where I live, the heat is merciless during this time. Concequently, I stayed home, alone, but the nagging thought that I should be speaking to somebody, or making a recording of myself lingered, and when I started getting visuals, and making strange noises, I took out a tape recorder, and recorded my thoughts. I would mostly just sit there and watch the room change, and not be able to make any sense of my thoughts at all, until something profound would pop into my head, at that point I would hit the button and record, like a robotic function I had put in my muscle memory, because, at this point, I really couldn't see the tape recorder clearly enough to do anything with it at all. At this point time spread out, I put on jimmy hendrix, and such, talked to myself, and smoked cigarrettes.
As soon as I took a drag of my cig, it was disguisting. The room turned a dingy brown, and everything seemed to momentarily wither and die, and little disguisting veins of cancer took over my formerly white walls. It was gross, and so I tried not to do it too much. (Now, I don't smoke at all, I was finally able to give it up.)
Soon I began finding it IMPOSSIBLE to maintain a single shred of control over my body or mind. I managed with supreme effort to go from the couch to my bed, and there I tried to go to sleep to find some solace, but there was no comfort there, for closing my eyes rendered checkered patterns dancing, and ribbons of light, and other annoying fireworks displays. I grew tired of seeing these pointless images, and sat up, bearing the INTENSE emotiphysical imagery, and attempting to meditate. After much work at patience, and trying not to get freaked and open my eyes, I used my concentration to pierce through the veil of nonsensical images, at what I, at this point, suspected was hiding something of deeper importance. I strained to focus past the lights and ribbons and managed to feel something beyond it. I tried so hard, and at some point I caught an eye looking at me. There, I moved toward it. I had at this point, what some may call an OBE, but really I was just flying towards the thing beyond veil. It turned out to be a massive, pillar of white light that reached oh so far, and dotted upon it were an uncountable number of eyes. This being saw me, and I flew around it for a few seconds, before the feeling was too much to bear and I opened my eyes, letting the vision go. I decided that was enough for today, and I recored more with the tape recorder. Later, while making confessions and listening to jimmy hendrix, I started videotaping the things I was saying and doing. I recieved psychic messages from some kharmic source telling me to go to San Francisco, California, and find Love. To seek the color purple, and I was in love with two girls whom I had known in the past. It was a strange experience. On comedown, I simply rewound the tape of me talking and listened to it next to me on the pillow, and laughed for hours at myself, and then, after I was totally good, I went to Barnes & Noble, got a coffee, and read a little pseudospiritual literature. I learned alot about shrooms that day. Mostly, that its best to take a big dose, and that cigarrettes are bad.

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