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the talking cat

this particular trip happened before i went to prison,back when i was a drug dealer.

this particular trip happened before i went to prison,back when i was a drug dealer. I use to sell mushrooms,acid,stuff like that. Anyway this one day I went to an alternative school in the 9th grade and I was digging in my pockets to find something outside the school. As I was digging in my pockets I found a cap to a shroom and I didnt know what to do with it so I ate it. A little later during class the teacher called on me to read. Then at that time the words got blurry and I couldnt see them. Then I got really nauseated like usual. So I told the teacher that a felt sick so he sent me to the nurses office. So when I got there the nurse told me to set on the chair and that she would come back. So their was this map of the world and all the contenits or what ever morphed into one big mushroom,so i said fuck it. I walked home from the school and when I got home I was smoking a cigerrett and the cigerrett exdended all the way accross the room then so did my arms and legs. So I put the cigerrett out and took a bath and the shower head was on the ground but i felt the water spraying on me from where it was suposed to be. I was fucked up! For some reason i stayed in the shower for like three hours then when i came out i was still tripping badly. So I sat down on my bed then the cat came in my room and had a big grin on its face so I laugh at the cat then the cat told me to shut up and to be quiet so I did. I was scared and thats all I can remember about that trip so bye.

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