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The shoe won

it was the summer, and the partys were as hot as the nights and this house party was no different then any of the other ones, Ton of people, you could fill a small childrens pool with the amount of booze that we had going on.

it was the summer, and the partys were as hot as the nights
and this house party was no different then any of the other ones, Ton of people, you could fill a small childrens pool with the amount of booze that we had going on. But that night I was in no mood for drinking, it was a shrooming night all the way. But of course we had to wait for the tasty little guys to arrive, (yea I like the taste) but anyways I had bought 5 grams, and when they got there I was so happy. But somehow some guy managed to talk me out of 2 grams so i was left with 3grams, I eat those quickly didn't want to lose anymore. But nothing spictacular happened, The time now was about 2am, most people had gone home, except for L and M, L's girlfriend. and of course J. He was passed out in the spare bedroom, drunk as drunk could be. but here I am staring at the carpet watching all the faces coming and going. the walls breathing and so on. I guess now that i am thinking about it i was tripping out pretty hard already, but L comes up to me and hands his shrooms, He's like I don't feel up to doing them right now, and I don't want to keep them in the house so here buddy, hands a me a 3 or 4 gram baggy. I thank him whole heartedly and get right to eating them little guys. Now I figure that i am going to be hungry later on, so i deicde to go the the store before these shrooms hit me and I start to trip out even harder, So I start my walk and get there with no major problems, it's about 2:30 now so I am starting to feel the affects of the other shrooms, I get into the store and after wondering around for 15minutes i find myself a bag of nacho chips and some dip, and a Banana slurpee. I go up to pay with my interact, Turns out that they have to connect tot he system, so here i am reading magazines, the pictures are jumping out at me, and i'm trying my best not to freak out, I calmly put down the magazine, look at the clerk, she smiles at me, and her face starts to morph, Well safe to say that the extra shrooms have kicked it. I'm still waiting and only about 5 minutes have passed but it seemed like it was taking a whole lot longer, So anyways after the thing finally connects and I pay i am outa there. Walking down the mini mall I see some stores have mail boxes, so naturally I steal one. And I start back to my friends house, I get there, and decide I need more fresh air, So i go back out on anohter walk. I am tripping out really hard now, so i'll just list all the things I did while on this walk
1, Ripped out numerious flower gardens
2. Turned some guys cement walk way up to his house on it's sides, Kinda like Stone hedge after i am done.
3. Bent 5 antina's
4. Stole a flower pot
5. Stole three timing belts from cars
6. stole some hood ordament from this guys truck. this made alot of noise so I got scared and ran back to L's house.
once i got in I looked at my hands and saw that they were covered in dirt, and I got worried i would get his house dirty, and suddenly all these dirt spots started to show up all over the place. I knew they weren't real so i just went with it, but to make sure i went to the washroom and washed my hands, of course I had to start playing with the water. and after an hour of that I was getting bored so i picked up some scissors, and for some reason tried to stab myself through my rib cage, thankfully it didn't work, but I had to stab something, so i stabbed some soap. Thats when the toothbrush started to cry over the soap being killed, so I snapped it in half. Thats when J rolled over in the bedroom next to me, The sound was so loud I had to cower on the floor, Soon it circled the house and the sound left, needless to say i was getting scared now. So i left the safety of the bathroom and went to see what J was doing(sleeping duh) but L had this thing on his window to keep it closed a wooden brace thing, It laughed at me for being scared of the sound, So I started to bite it, and finally broke it in half. Now here is where things get blurry, After I left J's room I went to the couch and started drinking my half melted banana slurpee, turned on Much Music and there was Lenny Kravitz, Well he started talking to me, I started talking back, and soon this old shoe that was beside me started talking to me too. Well lenny wanted some slurpee, but the shoe was in a pissy mood, so a fight broke out, and I started to agrue with them both, and after a long time, the shoe won. Now I don't remember the rest of the night, but when L woke me up the next morning, He asked what the hell I had done, And pointed to all the stuff I had stoled earlier, all I could say was I don't know but J's pants are in the freezer, and they were.

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