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The Science Museum

Stats: 6'5 300lbs and 2 other average sized guys (around 6ft around 200lbs each) Dose: Myself and 2 others took about a half 8th on a peanut butter sandwich.

6'5 300lbs and 2 other average sized guys (around 6ft around 200lbs each)

Myself and 2 others took about a half 8th on a peanut butter sandwich. Got a ride with another (non tripper) to the science museum to see a omni theater movie (90 foot bubble moive screen)

Trip: Parking lot:
Soon as we got to the parking lot a little before I started to trip was very happy doing nothing just looking at buildings passing by basically day dreaming. Got to the parking lot and got all giggly the 3 trippers were walking so much slower then the girl who was sober that it looked like we were gonna mug her. Laughing uncontrollably now till we got to what we thought was the museum but was just a parking garage finished smoking a cig under this bridge next to the door to the parking ramp elevator. Ride it up and walk to the front of the museum.

As soon as we get in I hear a dinosaur and bust out laughing (there was a dinosaur bone statue that actually was making noise) but I wasn't sure but just kept laughing it was packed little kids and parents of all different races moving around looked like a colony of ants. Almost could smell brains thinking, walked across the picture of the world on the floor to the bathroom (very odd feeling) to a bright green bathroom got our money read only to find out the moive not gonna start for awhile (I forget how long) So have a seat under some light in the corner looked like alien abduction or a police interrogation. Go outside again smoke another cigarette, some homeless people asked us for change and smoked with us. Go back inside just amazed at all that is going on so much to see (Later found out the museum was closed and this was just the lobby into the Museum/Theater). Movie time pay the lady she can tell I'm all fucked up, go into what feels like a ship or spaceship. Sit down in the stadium seating noises carrying very well in here. Listen to random people's above us is conversations. Then the moive starts it's about Antarctica. It's a helicopter flying over the moutains in 1st person. (I start thinking it's me) basically the rest of the movie feels like I'm am solving the greatest mysteries of the universe. It's over to soon (I think it was like 30 minutes long felt like the best hour of my life) Light get a tiny bit brighter but still very dark and hard to see I try to get up but I don't move takes a minute for my limbs to move. Finally a lady usher makes us leave cause people are seated for the next show. Slowly climb down the stairs much harder then going up. Leave the museum.

Outside: Coming down:
All trippers report this was the best moive ever (except the driver who thought it sucked) Samething as we came in looks like we gonna mug are female driver I yell something like gimmie your purse b*tch just joking we all crack up she walks faster making it look much worse. We see a cop so I slow down and (Try 2) act normal now my other friend runs to catch the driver. Now just 2 of us we reflect a little about inside then relize they are not coming back, go to find them get lost finally get into the elevator and there are half floors (WTF never noticed this before) Call the driver she tells us how to get out. Basically that is it. I very crazy experience tripping in public this was my first time. Second best trip ever will go to planetarium and science museum more often. Wish I had a tape recorder to remember everything I was thinking (Writing just made skribbles)

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