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First time, very funny story *read*

It was the summer before I sarted ninth grade and My buddy offered me some shrooms.

It was the summer before I sarted ninth grade and My buddy offered me some shrooms. We will call him C. So, we are sitting in C's apartment, and he pours about 4 grams onto the table, 2 for each of us. We chewed them down, and I didnt much mind the taste. People always said they tasted like pure shit but I found they had a bit of a nutty taste to them.

So we sat there, for about an hour or so playing video games. Mind you, I had no idea what to expect from shrooms. So we sat there and played and suddenly I completely forgot what to do. I looked at the controller, tried to puch the right buttons. Was it Right? Left? Start, maybe? Then our other friend D showed up with his girlfriend L and his cousin R. They all sat and talked wth C who was starting to giggle, and I sat quietly. Finally after about 40 min or so I said "Uhh...you guys can uhh just put m-my McChicken on the radiator." Everyone started laughing especially C, who, like myself, was tripping by now. I wanted to laugh and felt that I should have, but then I didnt remember why they were laughing.

About 30 min later we decided we would walk to D's house. On the way, we saw this kid named Shane. For a while shane was talking shit about me, and I don't like fighting, even if I know I can beat them. "HEY SHANE!" I called. "HOWS ABOUT YA GET YOUR MONTE CARLO DRIVING ASS ALL THE WAY TO MUNICH?!" At this point I really had no idea what i was saying or doing. So he walks over and I said "YOU KNOW SOMETHIN MAN YOU BETTER TURN YOURSELF AROUND AND GET THE TURKEY OUT OF THE OVEN MOM! DONT WANNA BURN IT LIKE A LEAF IN THE TREE!!" Shane just stared at me until I spit in his face. He then bgan to punch me, and I punched him in the face and the gut, then started kicking his legs for some reason. He tryed to wrestle me to the ground and I trew him off my back and kicked him in the head a few times. Then he kept on walking and holding his head, saying he would get his dad after me and I said "OH NO SHANES GONNA GET HIS DADDY! HIS DADDY IS VINCE MCMAHON BITCH, JUST LIKE YOUR EASTER SUNDAES AND RICK JAMES CD'S!" we all laughed for a while, while I tripped over the tracers i was seeing and the high pitched noise I was hearing.

When we left D's house, we were still fucked up. I went around to the back of a building to take a piss, and while I was there, I noticed an outside air duct. I looked into it, fasinated and amazed about how such a small area could suck in so much of the air, also hoping it wouldn't suck the air out of my lungs, and kill me. I stood there for well over an hour (i think) just staring itno the duct, not thinking about where C had gone. A while later I walked out front again and he was gone. I was so tried i didnt even care.

So, that was my first trip, not much visuals, but I was mentally fucked up. As for C, turned out he left that building because he saw an ice cream cart guy across the street and he followed him, I went home......and stred into an indoor heating duct.

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