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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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Well It all started when I went downtown and got some shrooms.

Well It all started when I went downtown and got some shrooms. I went home and went in the backyard (which are woods) and went to the treefort. I at about one eighth of shrooms and then started to head back to my house when I got there I got and my bike and started cruising around the neighborhood I went to my friends house but he was on a trip to boston his mom started talking to me but no sound came out her lips where moving really fast I got scared and rode away with her still talking to me.

I decided to go home when I got there my brother and my mom where there I got a little panicky and told my brother (Who also trips) He said go back to the fort and wait there I went to the fort and sat down I started to look at the wood and it started to shift all around kinda changing colors. This scared me! Finaly my brother came he decided to ruin my trip and he said he told my whole family and my mom was gonna call the police and he started to drag me back which of course I started to fight. He finaly got me to the house and we saw my dad pull up the driveway (WHo works for the goverment) my brother started to freak because he was kidding and he told me to go back to the fort. I started to run and it felt like I was flying! I got to the fort and waited I think for about an hour and then I decided to go back to the house I went in and it seemed like everyone was staring at me and like they knew. I went up stairs and took a shower which was totally weird when I got out I looked at the rug and it started to grow! Then I went on the computer trying to act as casual as I could but I wasn't sure if I was or not. I decided finaly to fake sick to make it look less suspious but it wasn't my mom said I was fine earlier and the stupid thing I did was where my cloths into my bed. My mom came back an hour later I was having all these weird dreams she said it was time to go to the fair I went down stairs to watch some TV and when I turned it on and all the people on it looked like devils I could feel the shrooms wearing off. I got up and went to the fair and it again seemed like my mom was staring at me! I went to the fair and something really nasty happened everything there tasted like shrooms! And that is where my trip ended.

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