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The roller coaster night

im 15 at the time and weighed 112 Finnaly the day i had been waiting for since 3 months.

im 15 at the time and weighed 112

Finnaly the day i had been waiting for since 3 months. I had 13 whole cianesans. With 3 other people I didnt like ( huge mistake) each of us gobbled 7 mushrooms in front of their chill parents. It was about 20 minutes later when I ate the rest of them. And just after that it started to happen. My puepels became so big that there was no white left in my eye. We all started out with 50 mushrooms or a little more and they were all gone into our bellys. Then we started to play halo on their big screen tv. I was tripping so hard I just stood up and looked down their hallway. A face peeked out of the wall and a small man jumped accross the wall. I started laughing and couldnt stop. We had a bong and some chronic so we went into their tiny bathroom and somked a couple boles. Now was the time when my trip really got a grip on me. Little golden birds were flying around my head and the whole house started to become alive. Rabits started jumping out of the floor and identetyless faces were falling out of the ceiling. The only thing we could think of doing was go out side in their backyard, so, we ran out side and started rolling around on the grass feeling like the grass was tickling me whith their fingers. I got up and started staring at the other kids faces. Their faces started morphing and turing into the chinese tarcota wariors. We ran back into the house and was watching the stairs turn into water waves. And then crack!!! Those little dush bags broke my 25 dollar bong stem. Then I started freaking out and punching him over and over again in the stomach and back. I sat down on a lazy boy chair trying to regain what little sences I had left. My stomach dropped and one mushroom came out of my mouth. My cell phone started ringing and it was paden. (Paden posted "worst trip ever" on this vary site)I answered the phone. I had just started to go into a bad trip. I dont remember what we were talking about. Then I started to think I was going to die. Every thing was laughing at me in this evil devilish way like I was being eatn from the inside out. I started sweating and shivering. I grasped my wrist and started scraoing trying to release the parasite that in my body. The only thing going through my mind was this was going to be the last moments living and if I was going to do anythig with my life its gonna be now. I started running as fast as I possibly could upstairs to be by myself. paden was trying as hard as he could just get me to listen to him. I was talking to paden for almost an hour after my bad trip had passed. Then I just hung up the phone, went into the kids room and fell asleep because my trip had gone and I had gotten hold of reality.

I woke up the next morning with a head ake and being a complete different person like I had just discovered the meaning of myself and the world around me.

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