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The Ring.....or Sex? ("something to think about.....when yer trippin")

I have wanted to try eating shrooms for a while now, and I had talked it over with my roomie and we decided that it would be best if we do it together.

I have wanted to try eating shrooms for a while now, and I had talked it over with my roomie and we decided that it would be best if we do it together...which I'm very glad we did not trip alone for the first time. Neither of us had ever done this before and we both had no clue what we were in for.
Once we finally purchased them we decided to do them the following friday. My other roommates were going out for dinner and a movie and we figured we had a good four hours before they got back....yeah.....you really need more time than that.
We both consumed 3.5g of shrooms in a peanut butter sadwich at around 730...it didnt really taste too bad. Nothing really seemed to be happening after a half hour er so. Then we got an idea to go get the black light we have and draw some crap on the walls with laundry detergent. We ended up painting the walls and ourselfs with detergent.
After an hour or so nothing was happening. But soon after we were both just sitting watching the local news station...cars seem to be just hovering along the roads on the tv and the reporters looked as if they were not human...almost demonlike. At this point I tried to stand up and noticed that my leg muscles felt really weak. I then started to gain a lot of energy ..... except in my legs ... I must have looked like a floundering fish to my roommate who was just watching me on the couch.
After this episode I thought I was getting too hot...so I said lets go stand on out stoop...so we did...I just thought that it was cold out and it felt really good. But I looked at my roomie and he was in complete awe of the parking lot...I looked up at the parking lot and it looked like a picture...I got a bit scared at this point and suggested that we better go back inside.
I had forgotten that we turned the lights off...except the black light...and our living room completely freaked me out and I quickly turned all the lights on and unplugged the black light. At this point I sat down on the couch and had absolutely no clue wheather or not i was hot or cold....for some reason i had like 8 tee shirts on..(dont feel like explaining why)... but i wanted to take them off and i was having a really hard time...my roomie started helping a bit...but that just made me more scared. Anyway...i finally got down to one shirt without suffacting and i felt a bit better.
Before we had eaten them...we noted that we should be completely down at around 2am. This was always in the back of my mind.
After a few minutes i went over and sat on the other couch in our living room. I still didnt think much was happening to me until the neighbors started running up and down the stairs. This sounded like someone was hammering something inside our walls....this completely flipped me out. I thought that the shrooms had made me hear this noise and not til the next day did i realize that it was our neighbors on the stairs.
This pretty much ruined the next hour er so for me. I was not accepting what was happening to me and I just wanted to "get through it".
I really dont know what was going on with my roommate on the other couch...but throughout the night i was trying to let him do his own thing and experience the shrooms. He seemed to be less scared than me and more accepting to what was going on and more adventurous.
After a while my roomie got bored with just sitting on the couch and didnt want to waste the shroom experience...so we ventured up to his room...I went reluctantly, but someone that we knew who was an experienced shoomer had told us if you eat them together...do not leave that persons side. This helped me get over my fear and i followed him upstairs.
We sat down on his bed and he put on some music and some crazy sceensaver on his computer...but i was just looking around his room and the room seemed to not be a cube at all....all of the straight edges were curved...i had no sense of distance at all. I had to get up and go to my room just to make sure we were still in our apartment. Everytime I stayed in one place for too long...I would forget where I was because things were morphing and changing and did not look normal whatsoever. However...each time we changed rooms I remembered that we were still in our apartment. This reassurance was comforting to me and at around 11 i started to enjoy the experience I was having.
Before we headed back downstairs i jumped on my bed and realized that grabbing my covers and having them wrapped around my body felt completely amazing.
Then we went downstairs and i dove on the couch and found that the couch felt just as amazing as the covers in my room.
My roomie had brought a guitar with him and started playing sitting right next to me on the couch. I looked over at him and he appeared to just be a head with arms and feet...freakin weird man.
Somehow I wound up on the other couch again and I just sat there thinkin...and looking at the digital clock that was almost at midnight. My mind started racing and my thoughts seemed like they were actual wispers that i was hearing. and the phrase "meaning of life" kept repeating over and over again in my head. ....... this is the hardest part to explain and i dont know if i can....I had complete understanding of what i was thinking at the time...but now...its hard for me to understand.
Anyway somehow I ended up feeling that I was God, but not really God...just a lifeforce and that nothing else mattered and that I had no reason to worry about anything. and i started thinking for some reason i dont even know why that the meaning of life was a ring....like the circle of life or something like that...well anyway my other roommates came home soon after that...which made me overjoyed to see them...but I could not say anything to them...i couldnt really form words on the spur of the moment... then they both went upstairs and i started thinking that when the clock struck midnight i would just start living my life over again backwords until i was born...and everything would just keep repeating....well soon after midnight my other roommate came downstairs again...and i thought i was actually going through my life backwards...but then on his way up he said something to me and my roomie who were trippin like...."you better sober up you damn potheads" and that just confused me because he didnt say that on his last trip downstairs.
Then I was all sorts of confused...my other tripping roomie had turned on the tv and i didnt know he did it...and for some reason i just told him noooo the meaning of life is sex!!.... after i had been telling him over and over again that the meaning of life was a ring...
I must have been in this state of confusion for like 2 hours because the next thing i new it was 2am .... time had absolutely no meaning this whole trip....sometimes it would go by soooooooooooo slow....and the a half hour would seem to go by in a second..
I have to say...the first part of the trip was madd scary because i had no clue what was going to happen...but in retrospect the whole experience was a good one.
I want to try it again...but i would like to have a less intense experience.

sorry if this doesnt make any sense...but i wrote it quick and i know i left some shit out...anyway...thats basically what happened to me on my first trip

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