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The Return of Chaba

The return of Chabha “I sing the body electric” My final thoughts I sit in the storm's eye as lightning flashes in my eyes.

The return of Chabha “I sing the body electric”

My final thoughts

I sit in the storm's eye as lightning flashes in my eyes.

Leaving shattered trails of fingers of static delight.

The gray matter reflects the images in my brain.

Spider webs dance in the warm tropical breeze.

Time slips like the rain through the trees.

Bubble’s through the water echoes of ancient history.

Well after the beginning trip slightly lessened I took 2 ½ more grams and decided to go sit in a bubbling hot Jacuzzi. Just as I went into the hot water the clouds of a nice brewing storm front started to rage in. I lay back in the water and proceeded to feel the effect come on strong again as the clouds grew larger so did the trip. The lightning started up and crashed down in a fury of jagged bolts. The struck about 200-yard's away. The visuals where beyond description except that when the flashes happened streaking like hundreds of mycelium strands reaching towards the ground lighting up the clouds to revel the gray matter which resembled my brain. I proceeded to watch the spectacular light show of static energies and felt the rumble of thunder, which physically shook the ground around me. The breeze was very warm hand humid and it started to rain as I looked to the trees I saw quarter sized spiny spiders 2 of them in the center of their webs hoping a un expecting insect would happen upon it’s mycelium looking web. I pondered how can this spider web handle the drops of water as then a rat crept along the telephone wire creating a static trail which followed him. Then my eyes were shifted back to the spiders web as rain fell harder but seemed to dry as fast as it hit the ground at this point 1 hour later the time was 2:00 am

I decided to get out of the Jacuzzi cause I was sweating my brains out in 110 water and 100+ humidity out. The air temp was around 90 F. I was very pruned from the water my hands looked like raisins. I then sat in the chair and the rain stopped but for 3 more hours the lightning came on coming with the energy of a locomotive hauling down the red line of life as the ground shocks were like Atom Bombs going off every 2 seconds. I physically could feel the ground vibrate like Traci Lords vibrator.

So I felt it was time to eat the last fresh one on my first flush off the cake. So I did. I went back in the Jacuzzi and I turned down the heat so I would dehydrate. I wanted to test the buoyancy of fresh shrooms in the stomach ha he. So I floated in the water for another 40-min still amazed at the close lighting strikes and still how much fury in the storm.

So I was even more pruned at this point so I got out and it started to pour and I sat in the chair and let the rain come down on me. I wish I had higher trees cause I would have sat in it naked it was so hot out. The lightening still came on coming. During this end of the trip I pondered how magnificent it was and how special of a night to have partaken in the “Flesh” this night was magic and I wondered the whole time of the meaning of Chabha.

I write this as the level comes down to 1 from a 2 in the begining to a 4 in the middle and a 1 at the end. I have found this the best trip I have had in the 17 years of shrooms and 10 years of on and off growing the last time I partook in the "Flesh" was on P. Mexicana about 6 years ago.

This compared to it on P. Cube but just had to take a little more.

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