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The Real Thing

This report is more about what I learned during my last trip, more than it is about what happens and how you feel during a trip.

This report is more about what I learned during my last trip, more than it is about what happens and how you feel during a trip. This is a level 4 trip.. it was incredibly intense.. you could even call it a "near death experience."
After eating 4.5 grams of cubensis, which seems forbidden because of the revolting taste of them, I sat down in the basement to watch television. Everything was normal and I could feel the mushrooms being digested in my stomach. Then after 20-30 minutes, I felt something occur in my stomach, a sound, and instantly I felt lifted out of my body. Not literally, but in a different form of consciousness. Sound, Time, Space, Vision all became altered. The first thing I noticed was the vast difference in space. Everything in the room suddenly defied space.. images from the television were merging with the room and the space outside the television. Colors were amplified beyond description. Any kind of bright light suddenly was beautiful. The new sense of awareness I had was profound. I felt my senses were "opened." As if the material world was dissolving, for the innner essence and nature of things now seemed to be the only things that mattered. I began to flip through the channels on the television, which was difficult, for I felt detached from my body. People on television now looked very different from how they usually look. I mean, they looked exactly the same, but it was almost as if I could jump right into the essense of them.. that is, their "souls." I could see right through them, and what was most profound was a sense of evil. Many, many people on television looked immensely evil, while others looked pure. There were different forms of evil.. much like the seven deadly sins; each person suffering from one or more forms of corruption. Suddenly, both me and my girlfriend (who was tripping too) felt immensely evil as well. Now that the material world was dissolved, our "souls" were exposed. And our beings were very corrupt, to say the least. Very dirty, very impure. We both felt sucked into a void of darkness. Not literal darkness, but let's say, spiritual darkness. Darkness meaning lonliness, a sense of being cut off from other people, the earth, animals, plants...all things with life.
As we flipped through the TV channels, it was incredibly obvious how corrupt our American society and media was. All of the seven deadly sins were apparent everywhere, and everyone seemed corrupted by them. There wasn't one person on televison that wasn't corrupted by pride, lust, gluttony, etc.. Everyone was evil..in fact, tremendously evil. We now knew the meaning of "evil" and "soul" and even "the devil." All of our traditional concepts of these words were unclear and mostly not true. Hell is not a place of red horned devils with pitchforks, and Satan is not a single creature. But rather, hell is a spirtual state of corruption, of wanting to be powerful, of wanting to be god. Sin is the process by which we try to become more powerful, to be more like gods.
Everyone on television, especially on MTV were trying to be some sort of god. Many celebrites believe they are gods, and we bow down before them and worship them, hence, "idol worship."
The walls of the room we were in were made of wood. This wood was now "breathing." The lines in the wood were pulsating, indicating they were still living, despite being dead in the material world as we know it. Seeing a tree, plant, or animal.. anything living thing that didn't know what evil was, seemed beautiful and pure. We saw how evil humans were, as well as ourselves. We were trapped in a void, and we were crying, begging for forgiveness for being such assholes. It seemed terribly wrong for us to ignore old friends and family, and just as wrong for them to ignore us. People are so busy trying to be gods that they don't ever try to love each other. Our American society is so disconnected, so distant from one another.
Mushrooms awake the telepathy sense in your brain. I could instantly mentally communicate to my girlfriend sometimes. I would start a sentence, and she would already know how I was going to finish it. There was no need to physically communicate. We both knew exactly what the other was thinking. She did not even need to touch me to show affection. The thought of touching me would be telepathically transferred to my brain.. as I said before, the sensation of space was now unlimited. Her brain power could instantly send a signal through space, and the action would be completed without phsyically needing to do it.
A trip is not death, of course. But rather a glimpse, a preview of what the afterlife is like. This world is very rotten and evil. Deep inside, we are all miserable. We all suffer from desperation, low self esteem, etc. We are all very disconnected from God.. this has been the story of mankind throughout history, since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. Nobody even belives in God anymore. Modernism is drenched with pride, that through our modern science we know everything. Yes, we do know a lot, but modern science is still very young, in fact, the Renaissance only happened 300 years ago (considering how long humans have existed). The only way out of this evil world is God.. this doesn't mean you have to read the bible, go to Mass, pray, or even accept any religion. All you need to do is apologize to your creator for your disgusting ways of living, and ask for forgiveness. If you don't want to be a part of this world forever, you will join God after death. However, if you do want to go back to this world after death, you can, through reincarnation.
We can not sense God directly in this material world. Only indirectly. But most of the time we are so busy watching television and engaging in our materialistic ways, that feeling the reality of God even slightly is impossible. I am not a bible beater.. in fact, anyone who places themselves above others in this world is terribly wrong. We are all sinners.. even the Pope. All Christians, Buddhists are sinners. Christianity has been doused with evil all throughout history..they have committed more murders than even the Nazis.
What's really important is to be yourself. To be real, to be pure. Don't listen to what society tells you who you should be. Be whoever you are. Reach out to family and friends as much as possible, they are the most important things in your life. And violence will not solve anything. Humans will always be corrupted, we just have to accept that as it is. Learn as much as you can, and remember, humor is always, always better than anger.
On a sidenote, one thing that was obvious during our trip was that the band U2 has tripped many times. Their albums "Pop" "Zooropa" and "Actung Baby" show this. U2 used to be so angry at the world, but then they realized you just have to accept it the way it is and have fun in life. The inner sleeve of "Zooropa" , as well as the songs "Numb" and "Lemon" are obsiously influenced by psychedelic thinking and inspiration. If you don't have these albums, I would highly recoommend them, especially if you are a person who loves psychedelic cultureOf course I can not "prove" anything I have said here. All I can say is, this is what I experienced.. and it seemed more real to me than anything I have ever felt in life. Its even better than the real thing.

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