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The purple islanD

There was Noelle, that is me, and my droogs Jack and Joey.

There was Noelle, that is me, and my droogs Jack and Joey. We had all planned on doing shrooms together, and the day finally arrived.
This was going to be my fourth time doing shrooms, and Jack and Joey's first, so I ate an eighth and they each ate half an eighth. It Jack first, he began acting silly and giggly and making shroom statements. We were playing Super Mario Brothers and he said, "you know, people don't take Mario's life seriously enough. I mean, sure, you may have more lives...but think about it, MARIO DIES."
I was getting a little worried that they wouldn't work so I ate another cap and some stems, and the boys polished the rest off.
We went into my room where we listened to some trippy music like Aphex Twin and we started to feel really good. Jack and Joey were sitting on my bed, which had a pruple comforter and I sat across from them. By the thrid song, I really began to trip and so I moved over to my bed to sit with them, and it became the purple island.
Then the fun really started. Although there weren't any visuals as yet, we were totally getting mind-fucked. I became the queen and they were my children. We all liked the ways "queen" sounded so we kept repeating it. QUUUUEEEEEEEN---the word seemed to flow out of our mouths with a fun, bouncy, melodic quality. We began to smoke too, and by this time the visuals had kicked in. My body was going haywire, as was Joey's, as our eyes began to tear even though we were as blissful as could be. Every time we smoked, the cigarettes would be known as the "smoke people" and they were lots of fun, except Jack's smoke person attacked him and mine kept trying to trick me. I was buggin out a little b/c the texture of the cig was like a wet sponge to me, I thought it was crying or sweating.
We were paralyzed there on the purple island and things began to melt. Jack thought his ear was melting, and I had to warn him about not melting through the wall. We established our own little language where we labeled things as "good" or "bad" and we all came to the conclusion that "GOOD IS GOOD" and sometimes "GOOD IS GREAT" but BAD is always BAD.
Then we were just lying there, everoyne was touching and the aweomseomest thing happened, we all began to melt into one another. All of our spirits were intertwining and I could see and feel everoyne's spirit. I was totally psyched b/c I liked the boys' spirits and I liked my own a lot. we didn't understand what time was, and I was having a really hard time understanding that I lived in that room, and that I went to college. I was totally outside myself. The coolest part about this stage is that we were totally in sync to one another's wave. If one of use said something the other didn't like, we would say, "let's go back to the other place." It amazed me how in sync we were and how in tuned we were to one another's thoughts. It was nuts!
We were having so much fun but the sad part is that a sober friend had to come in and pull my children away b/c they had to go to a pledge event. Jack was sad to leave his queen, and Joey definately wanted to stay on the island, but they both had to go.
I used to time for some self-reflection and thought about a lot of things that I never think about when sober (why we are here on earth, finding soulmates). I also played with some water and drank it. I went to the bathroom a couple of times and felt like i was 2 feet tall and a little girl. It was a most amazing and fun time---I totally recommend tripping with people you think are fun and smart and generally positive people. It makes your own trip 100 times better.

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