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The Pressure

Ill keep this blunt so I dont to bore you with the lame details.

Ill keep this blunt so I dont to bore you with the lame details.Ive grown using the PF method for a year or so now. Ive used psycadellics for over 10 years now, so this is nothing new, or so I thought.
I became very obsessed with the well being of my mycelium, while the first and second batches of jars grew, and spread.Maybe others have felt this unusual closeness before, so I mention it.Soon lots, and lots of mushrooms were harvested and experimented with and so on the "progression" went until Saturday the 17th.
All day Saturday we, my girlfriend and I, prepared for our trip that night.Everything was ready at 8:30pm. I ate 4 grams of primo Psilocybe cubensis, that I grew and dried. My girl friend ate 3.5 grams, her Name is Cara.
The first effects for me were always the same, I always start thinkin' "this is my last trip" or some bummer thoughts like that. Soon that passes, but I loath that state.I was determined to blow that bummer crap this time, by just eating the mushrooms and immediatly lying down, dim lights, green blue lave light for accent, Medeski,Martin, Wood in the CD.Our intent was to smoke a couple bong loads of weed, from the huge tray we had prepared for the night, immediatly after we ate the shrooms, the lay down to zone.
By the time we cleaned up and put the rest of the shrooms away 15 min had passed until we reached our prepared tripping area, I was Comming On fast!
Quickly lying down, heavily "buzzed" I thought we would take our hits soon, let em' come on a little more I thought. Still had some bummer time to go.
9:00 now and Im tripping, alot harder than I thought I would be after half an hour.Time for thoes bong hits.I sit up, Cara feels as though she has been woven to the bed in which she had remianed motionless, next to me for the previous 30 minutes. I got stoned and layed back down, Cara took a few.
We are now fried!!! I have done alot of trippin, and for me to trip like this is very rare.
I put in a recording of the Tropical Rain forests,AMAZING, this CD is 20 min long, It looped 3 Times.
In that hour some thing happened to us we will never forget.We both felt as though The Mushroom came in waves.We could actually feel "The Pressure" build then release, at which point the intenstiy of everything eased up, and we could both talk with great clarity, and ease.As soon as we tried to discuss this...thing... the pressure would swell in both of us and communication about this "pressure" would be lost,almost "FORCED" out of our heads. We could talk freely on other subjects, but as soon as we discussed this thing the same thing happened, no words.....impossible to describe....
I have never felt this in 10 years of psycadellic use. NEVER.
10;30 now, Perfect clarity.
This feeling of realness sets over me I feel as though I heve stopped tripping, trails and colors were there but everything was very real, as if i had come down,except I couldnt think straight at all.This psudo-reality was very confusing to me. I was not seeing shit go crazy like it should be but my mind was fucking flipped!!!!I was convinced that I was in some altered state of reality. Every thing was SO REAL!!!!!!!!!
I was not tripping anymore, I thought. Some how I became convinced that this was reality, real reality, everyday, go to work reality.
I was freaked out!!!I told my girl friend that I needed A serious!, for real reality check because I was flipping!
Well to shorten things up she set me straight,after an hour of convincing.I had a very hard time getting my feet on the ground!!!The line between reality and sanity is not as big as I thought.We sloooooowly came down, that did not help my reality thing. There has always been a definite line between tripping and reality for me, that night the very slow come down was so smooth I went from Insane to normal with out ever making that cross over that line.I recently read True Hallucinations by Terrence Mckenna and belive me, and him there is something.........something........
I will feel that pressure that keeps us from finding out, that force behind the mushroom will show its self when I am ready.......I belive this. M Signo

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