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first time, kinda

Okay heres how is goes.

Okay heres how is goes. First I must say that the acually technical first time for myself eating the wonderful mushroom was at the Philadelphia Folk Fest this last summer(1998). I had about a half of an eighth and I ate em and enjoyed it to the most that i could. the heat was a problem as was the fact that I hadn't slept at all in the last two days. so that experience still remains vauge and the only thing that i do remember was the shakedown gettin through the camp sites seemed as though it was a mile wide and i was runnign back and forth. And that was great. But more recently(yesterday) I was blessed to come upon some nie mushrooms. me and two other friends split up 2 eighths. I now that that dosen't sound like alot but let me tell you for my first time I had one hell fo a ride. I had about three stems and two and a half caps. I remembered how the taste disturbed me at the folk fest so I was a little causious upon eating them. when I ate a cap I noticed it wasn't as bad as i remembered it. so in continueing eating when I got to the stems I started to dilike the taste but i could handle it. It wasn't that bad after like a couple minutes. we munched at like 3 40ish. So after we were fineshed we went to go and sit out, enjoy the day. After smoking a bowls worth I was ready. I was gettttin so just amazingly high I guess you could say. It all started off with a euphoric feeling pulsing throughout my body. OH man was I happy. It was soo great. one onf my friends was saying somthing about him seein visuals but i was jjust feeling good. They had eaten more then I so I am guessing thats why they were seein stuff. I dunno. but anyways, after chillin at my friends house i went home cause apperently I had to go and mow the lawn. this is where it starts to get crazy. As I was mowing I could feel myself getting toward the peak. I went and i was talking to myself thw whole time. saying stuff like "oh man I;m lost" cause I would be going in circles. It was amazing. IT was also about htis time where "moments of eternity" started to pop out of no where and I was lovin them. Then out of nowhre I looked over at a patch of grass that I had just mowed and it was like, had waves on it. I thought to myelf "YOWZA!!" so then I continued to see these "waves" all over my lawn. i was having these giggle fits. It was soo strange. Then As I fineshed I was dripping with sweat. that was kinda gross. so I went upstairs and took a shower. that was great. I was in the water and it was amazing. I don't know what it was but then I had the washcloth in my hands and it had like almost a gooy texture to it. and then I slapped in on my face and was scrubbi it was amazing. After the shower i went to my room put on some pants and called up my friends. the sounded bummed. but i was soo happy and full of energy I had no idea why they were soo tired out. WHat had happened apperently(which I didn't find out till later that nite) was one of my friends was frekin out. he says that he thought he was going to die or sumin. so then I talked to friend #2 and he was alright. He was tryin to tell me how he saw "mad shit" but I was out of it I could payattention. then It started. the laughing. I couldn't stop laughing. I was trying to say "I gotta eat at 630" this is where I think I peaked. somewheres around 530-630. so anyway. I was trying to say taht but i couldn't nad I was jumping all around my room. I had so much energy. then as I was laughing i fell into my closet. that was kinda kewl 'cept for the fact that i oculdn't stand up immediatly. So I was up in my room, diggin my new tapes I just got in the mail that day. And then as i was listenin It was just the most greatest music I ever heard in my life. It was 8/3/98 Deer Creek and I was lovin it soo much. well at 630 I did eat dinner and I t wasn't soo bad. AFter dinner I went to New Hope. I was comin down till like 840-930ish o clok. by the time I had gotten back from New Hope I was down and I went to my friends house. We smoked a bowl on his porch and hung around talkin about our days experiences. I heard all about how he was frekin oput and I was like "wow". after that I went home and fell asleep. That was my expereince with mushrooms. I am soo glad that i had a nice exeriiece and hope to once again do so. maybe increse my dosege a little. who knows.

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