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The power of shrooms

I am a person who shrooms sometime.

I am a person who shrooms sometime. A friend of mine wanted to try them. I got ourselfs 3 grams of mexican cubensis (a person). We went to a little wood in my city. We ate it with the help of some mineral water and some cigarettes for the taste. After ingested them I could feel my body protest. Cold and heatwaves. Shaking. Very sweaty hands. After some time I began to trip a little. I saw the grass move. My friend had a hard time with the shrooms. He was afraid and he didnt seem to be able to handle the cold/heat waves and the shaking and stuff. He was tripping litely and wanted to get out, so before he starts to flip I gave him some coke (the drink ;) ) and 4 sugar cubes. He ate it and soon he felt a bit better. I was ready for it so I waited. After sometime everything started to breathe.The trees, the mineral water bottle, the ground, the couch. I looked to the trees, and in the corner of my eye I saw my friend with a real weird head. Some wooden indian thing... I looked aside and saw my friend. I looked at him and apparently I was looking weird. He said: what is wrong? I said: Your face... There are all moving patterns on it. His face looked like some face with oil river streaming from his hear to his chin and back up the other way. He said he felt sick, so we decided to go to his house (peacefull environment). As soon as I stood up my feet were strange... very light, and everywhere there were patterns. So we walked over to his house. My friend was apparently still tripping, cause he kept talking over the earth. He couldn't get a grasp of that there wasn't some roof or something. He found it amazing. When we got into his house he hitted some music. I looked at his wallpaper and the pictures were all rotating and streaming. The red and green colour of his ying yang wallpaper started to rotate and morph into each other. He got me a glass of water. The cup he put the water in had this strange feeling. I kept playing with it till my friend almost fell asleep. I waked him up and said I would leave, so he could rest. Walking home, it looked like I wasn't walking, but the world was moving. I had to walk otherwise I would go with it. It felt like I was walking on top of the world. After came home, I went to the bathroom to take a piss. The bathroom seemed so new.. All the white colours seemed so new. It was like I was in a completely new bathroom. After talking with my mom (wow that was hard.. thank god the lights were out ;) ) I went to my room to log in on MSN to chat with my girlfriend. Now something strange happened. I could feel how she was feeling. I knew what she was thinking. She had some problems and in some way I had exact the right words to solve them. It felt amazing. Like I was some sort of God who knew everything about all the people. I could dive into every persons mind I was chatting with. I guessed there problems they have in real life and they were all true. I dont know how I knew there problems, but I just knew it. So strange... so bizarre. In the meantime I was still tripping hard and wanted to use my cellular. The display seemed so bright, so new. The antenna of the thing was curling and suddenly morphed into the phone. With my hands I could still feel the antenna but I didnt saw it anymore. It was just vanished into the phone. After some good chat with my girl and after seeing all this strange stuff, I was coming down. I never realized that mushrooms had this power... I thought about everything I had in my life and all my problems, and I just solved it!
After I was almost sober again, I had this strange vision. The name Timmie appeared in front of my eyes and then dissapeared. I told it to my girl and she said that she was just thinking about a name for our first son (in the making *grin*). She just thought at the name timmie. How could this be??? I still dont understand it, but I know that mushrooms have some power..

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