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the pig! the pig!


Wow... where to begin!? ok, a little background info. I've been doing shrooms for quite a while now, and I like the little buggers a lot. I don't do them very often however, especially lately since school just started and all. oh well. I'm 19, and second year physics. I had tripped the previous friday with a friend, M. They were the last remaining from my small harvest over the summer. To anyone thinking of trying to grow them, it's easy i did it by myself with information i got on the internet. Just make sure you know what you're doing. Ok, so friday with M and tuesday with D, both times we ate them after throwing them in a blender with some OJ. Works fantastic at covering the taste and also for some reason i don't know why, i've tripped substancially more using this method of ingestion than any other i think. I don' treally know why , but holy shit it works good. So, me and D bought 4 grams of what seemed to be cubensis. I didn't think we'd get THAT fucked up with 2 g's a peice but whoaaaaa..Ok, so 6:30 we ate syrian rue seeds, D about 4 grams, and myself 2 because i had eaten tofu for supper and i didn't want to die because i ate a bean product.. whatever. so an hour later we ate the slurry. I was feeling the shrooms like 15 minutes into it. nuts nuts nuts. I don't remember everything oh god i wish i did but here's most of what happened.

I remember at first we were sitting around in my bedroom looking at the awesome grain of the wood... We would just say random things and find them quite funny. D looked over at my piggy bank and saw the eyebrows go up, and that was quite funny. the pig came back many times over the night... anyhow, so we're just starting to trip out and about 45 min go by. D gets up to go to the bathroom, and then it starts. Since we were both talking to each other it was kinda keeping us .. 'in' ourselves..? so anyway, D goes away and then poof. there goes the ego!it was nuts! at this point we were completely incoherent. I stayed on my bed just thinking and worrying and that caused more thinking and more worrying.. and the math and the graphs made it all clear. damn math.. can't get away from it even when i'm tripping! after about i guess an hour or two of loosing myself in my thoughts and not being able to relate to D, (I imagine D had the same experience), D finally came back and we were able to relate again.. sortof. We couldn't really talk because all that came out was incoherent babbles, but at times we were like.. hmm connected i suppose and talking wasn't necessary. It was hard distinguishing if we were two different people. The 'ego-splitting' or whatever happened too. I remember having to remember everything again, who I was, what was funny, time(and we never did end up defining time...), memories were a blur. It was good to remember things from before, so the pig came up alot. we'd just go 'the pig! the pig!' and we'd remember that and a little of what it was like to be 'normal'. there's so much more that happened but i don't remember all of it and i can't explain the rest. It was the most intense trip of my life and it was the first time i've tripped with someone who was there during the whole trip. usually i'd end up by myself or i'd trip alone. Tripping with someone was soo much better, but I don't think i could do it with just anyone. D got way more visuals than I did, and I think it's because he had more rue and also because i had tripped the friday before. I think the blender methodis fantastic, and if anyone can explain why making a slurry hits you more, all the better.
thanks for reading!

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