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The oddest day.

This Report is to inform others of My most recent magic mushroom experience.

This Report is to inform others of My most recent magic mushroom experience.
April 2nd 2006

Subjects: 140 lb 19 year old Male 30-40 grams Fresh Cubensis
130 lb 17 year old Male 15-25 grams Fresh Cubensis

*note* The names of those involved have been changed to mask their identity

J called me up at about 2:30 to ask if I wanted to smoke with him at a local stoner hangout on the beach, I had other ideas for the day and asked if he wanted to go look for some shrooms. He had taken shrooms once before, but always had availability because myself and another one of my friends make bi-weekly trips to the fields to see what we can get.
We met around 3:00 and both promptly left in J's car to take the 20 minute trip out to my usual field. Conditions had just recently become much more ideal for shroom growth, but unfortunately 2 days prior I had left empty-handed after over an hour of searching. To my amusement, 2 minutes after entering the field we found what we were looking for, Fresh Cubensis Psilocybe. After educating my friend further on Mushroom Identification we searched the rest of the field, finding what I would estimate to be 15 Caps weighing close to a half pound.
Considering we were both eager to start our shroom trip, we only looked a good 20 minutes and left a large portion of the field unscoured. On an unrelated note I came back the next day and found a pound of fresh shrooms.
We drove down the beach looking for a place to consume the mushrooms in peace and eventually found a vacant rental beach house and parked in the driveway.
eating fresh shrooms is quite the pain, I have found that blending them with orange juice or cranberry juice and drinking it can lessen stomach discomfort.Unfortunately, we didn't have anything with us aside from a couple cokes we had bought at the local convenience store. So, breaking the shrooms up in small pieces, I ate what I estimate to be about 30-40 grams of fresh shrooms and J took somewhere around 20-30 grams. *note* fresh shroom weight is much higher than dried shrooms, be carefully dosing on fresh shrooms, as I have found that they can be quite intense, generally 2-3 2 inch diameter caps is a good place to start. *note*
Both of us nearly gagged several times eating the shrooms, but after about 20 minutes were able to get the really gross textured and tasting morsels down. I ended up not being able to stomach the full amount I had set aside for myself, but I certainly Don't regret this in retrospect.
*t- 20* We immediately smoked 2 bowls of moderate grade marijuana out of J's pipe as we were already feeling very nauscious and anxious. The weed calmed our stomachs and we decided to go for a walk along the beach.
Immediately we noticed everything seemed so bright, looking in the direction of the sun was painful, obviously due to pupil dilation, so we just walked looking at the sand. By this time we were feeling the shrooms pretty hard and J commented that he was "Just walking along looking at everything but thinking about nothing" I had to agree, I was like one huge sensory receptor, The sounds of the ocean, the designs and shells in the sand were all overwhelming.
T-40 We decided to walk over to the waters edge, by this time I was starting to feel the first of the "waves" that I have become so accustomed to. Looking out at the water and seeing the waves come in and out rhythmically created a very emotional and calming atmosphere. Looking out where the water was receding I saw a lot of intense visuals of shell patterning, for just a moment I felt a deep emotional connection with the ocean, and felt an intense presence right in front of me. This presence was accompanied with feint visuals of people's body's and faces. At the time I thought it may be the souls of all those who have been lost to the ocean, but in retrospect, I don't know what to think except that there are things about this world that we cannot comprehend.
By this time we were in full swing, The heavy body buzz was setting in and becoming a bit too much to handle. J and I retreated to the car. When we arrived we started listening to The Beatles "Abbey Road" and decided that we could use a change in scenery.
T-1:20 I was a bit apprehensive letting J drive but he is an experience user of physcoactives and I trust his judgment, if he wasn't comfortable driving, he wouldn't have drove.
10 minutes later we wind up at a parking lot overlooking the ocean, but also situated very near a large grassy area and it had a view of a good portion of the city.
By this time the body load of the shrooms for myself was unbearable, the thought loops were very troublesome, and everything around me was completely overwhelming.
T-3:30 Staying in the car, I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds making kaleidescope type visuals above me. The apartment complex 200 yards away was changing shape and size drastically, and looking at my own appendages they appeared to be growing and shrinking at their own accord.
T-4:00 We decided to walk out into the grass, it was euphoric. J and I layed down and basked in the spring sunset. I don't think I've ever felt more connected to nature in my entire life.
With our trips coming to an end, J and I said our goodbye's and made plans for our next experience with these sinister mushrooms.

*due to extreme time dialation times may be off, plus a good percentage of what happened is unreported simply because I either can't find words to explain it, or can't remember it all, but thus is a problem with high doses of Magic mushrooms, safe tripping everyone*

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