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The Nut House

For a while, a few of my friends have been trying to get the rest of our friends to trip with them.

For a while, a few of my friends have been trying to get the rest of our friends to trip with them. They told us it would be an experience we wouldn't forget, so the rest of my friends agreed.

Half of my friends went to a Phish concert and 22 of us gathered money together to buy 1/8 of mushrooms each person. So the day we all got our shrooms, we went to our friend's house because his parents were away on vacation.

Then we all gathered at a table and we all ate our mushrooms all at once. Half of my friends already have tried hallucinagins before, so the other 12 of us weren't really sure what to expect.

Our other "hippy" friends said it'll start taking effect about an hour later, so we smoked a couple of bowls before hand. As the hour past, the effects started hitting me. For that first 30 min of effects starting, I felt like I just smoked 12 bowls in a row. I felt euphoric and laughed at everything. Then the real effects started kickin in. And I can say honestly that the 12 of us that hasn't tripped before has underestimated shrooms. We thought we would just see visuals and such, and weren't expecting whut was in store.

I first started sitting in the kitchen, and in that room Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" was playing. This kitchen has wallpaper all around that looks like a sky, and also there was a fence and flowers painted. So i started staring at it and then the sky stared moving. It looked as if the clouds were actually moving in the sky like real life. But then i looked at the flowers and fence part of the wall, and then I saw a rabbit. It was sort of like a cartoon with a purple bowtie. It just kept on staring at me, and told me to jump the fence. I didn't move, but I just felt like the fence was too far and too high to make it across. So I sat there staring at it, until one of my other friends snapped me out of it because they said I started crying. My friend told me to change scenery, so I moved into the livingroom.

The living room was a slightly better choice. In this room, Pink Floyd's "Animals" was playing, so I just sat there as the room moved to the music. The room was filled with 10 other people so we were all just talkin to each other-so it felt safer. Then one of my friends who hasn't tripped before either said he was melting. He then wiped sweat off his face and said he was holding his face in his hand. The others started laughing at him, so he lost it and started yelling. He left the room pissed, and then a few people who were experienced tried calming him down. After that event, I decided I should move to a happier location- so i ventured out on the deck in the backyard.

This was probably the best location of the house, because everyone was pretty mellow outside. Out here, Bob Marley was playing, so it felt happy. So a bunch of us sat around, smoked a blunt, started the grill up, and watched the sky. It looked bright and the clouds were moving vividly. This was probably the happiest time. It then started raining, but we didn't really care. We enjoyed nature taking its course, and sat out there. It almost felt like we were in the rainforest.

As the rain started picking up, me and a few of my friends who hasn't tripped before sat in a car listening to some more Floyd. We were all talking about how our experiences were so far. And for some of them, it was bad. The person who flipped out before in the house was with us and was telling us that although he was around all of his friends. He felt alone. I understood whut he meant, because at times i too felt alone. Because i Felt the others weren't experiences i was feeling. As one of my friends was telling us about his bad trip so far, he started moving around constantly and started talkin to one kid in his face. The other kid got so freaked out by my friend telling the story that he started crying. At that point we decided to move the location so we can cheer ourselves up somehow.

We went back on the deck and smoked another blunt. Then me and one other person ventured out in the woods in the backyard. We decided to sit in the woods and not talk to each other and enjoy nature. It worked. I was so happy and appreciated everything around me. I took that time to reflect on life and began to see the big picture. I felt like some people were having a bad time and were getting annoyed at people, but felt like we should all be so happy that we're all here though. All with our really good friends. So I went back to the house and decided to share my new found knowledge with everyone. After that, people started cheering up again. So we stayed inside the house, turned off the Pink Floyd and put on some Sublime just to put a good vibe in.

When the trip wore off, I felt like I lived through my whole life and was reborn again. Throughout those 6 hours, I had really good times and really bad times which really made me have a new found respect for life. It was an experience that will never be forgot for the 22 of us. During that time it was a definite nut house of different people going through different experiences. Some happy, some sad, and some just going nuts. But it was a learning experience. It seriously was a "trip". A trip that made me find myself and see the big picture. If someone asked me if I would do it again, i would probably say yes. But I advise any first timers to really mentally prepare yourself and don't underestimate the power of shrooms. The effects are visual, but i would say that the rollercoaster of emotions explained it the best. Thank God I was with all my good friends in a safe environment. We didn't have any sitters really. But we had a lot of people who do hallucinagins a lot, so they looked out for us and made us feel safe....

The next morning, the house was pretty trashed...and some of us didn't feel the same anymore. We decided not to talk about it, because we were like, the only reason you had those feelings or thoughts was cuz ur tripping. As simple as that. So we left the house and never mentioned anything about it again.

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