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NOVA Based on factual events Memory of my birth It was 1960 and as a young boy of ten I never missed the television show “ONE STEP BEYOND”.

Based on factual events

Memory of my birth

It was 1960 and as a young boy of ten I never missed the television show “ONE STEP BEYOND”. This was a half hour show about true and unexplained stories of the paranormal. Scared the shit out of me every time! CREEPY! Unlike Twilight Zone these stories where true!
An example: A woman is in the hospital with a fever of 105: In her delirium she keeps telling her doctor that her son just crashed his car into a red bridge and is now on fire. The doctor dose not take it seriously until after hearing it over and over again for three hours. Out of curiosity he calls the local sheriffs department and asked if there is such a bridge. The sheriff said there was and the doctor tells him what the woman said. Now the sheriff is curious and decides to drive out to the bridge. When he arrives a car approaching him in the other lane swerves to avoid a deer crossing the road. The car goes off the road, hits the bridge and catches fire. The sheriff pulls the man out of his vehicle just in time to save his life. The man turns out to be the woman’s son.
In another episode a man is hit on the head in a construction accident. He appears to be O.K. but when he gets home he begins to have hallucinations about a devastating bombing attack on U.S. naval ships. He tries to convince his wife that something terrible is about to happen but she tells him that he needs to go to the hospital instead. It’s December 6th 1941.
Even at the age of ten I noticed that these paranormal events such as precognitive experiences, and intuitive behavior always followed head trauma and wondered if it was some kind of survival mechanism that we once possessed in our evolutionary make up that has long ago been discarded.
On the final episode before the show went off the air the host took the whole staff down to Mexico to visit a Shaman who could see visions of events taking place far away (remote viewing) under the influence of a yet to be identified mushroom. I was totally amazed when accompanying psychiatrists put this man through a myriad of tests.
Under the influence of the mushroom he could identify page numbers from a book opened randomly from the next room. He located lost items for local natives and saw clearly photos from a book someone else was viewing a mile away.
Wow! ESP abilities without head trauma! That night, at the age of ten, I made it my life’s goal to identify this mushroom and experiment with it myself. WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW…
Four years earlier in 1956, Moore, who was in reality a CIA operative specializing in the synthesis of psychoactive and chemical weapons for the CIA, offered R. Gordon Wasson a $2,000 grant from the agency's front group, The Geschikter Foundation, and invited himself along on Hoffmann and Wasson's next expedition to Central America. Life Magazine was also going along to do a ten page special on this newly discovered mushroom. Wasson, like Dr. Hoffmann, had no idea as to Moore's true identity. Moore was hoping to obtain samples of the mushroom, isolate their active principles and provide the CIA with some new "mind-control" toys.
The CIA was also researching a far more exotic field at this time; that of psychic powers. Experiments conducted by Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University resulted in fairly concrete evidence for the existence of what was commonly referred to as "extrasensory perception" or ESP now called intuitive abilities. The CIA decided to further explore this avenue of science, as the idea of agents able to read minds was a possibility the intelligence agency couldn't pass up.
CIA scientists were searching for compounds useful for extracting confessions, locating stolen or lost objects, perhaps even predicting the future. Visionary mushrooms were of special interest in these investigations.
Moore collected specimens for his CIA-sponsored research and returned to Maryland, where he endeavored to isolate for the CIA the active principle of the mushrooms.

Psilocybin (4-phosphoryloxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine)
The amounts of these compounds present in the hallucinogenic mushrooms are highly variable, with Psilocybe, cubensis -- one of the most active species -- typically yielding up to 1.3% psilocybin. What purpose these psychedelic compounds serve in the life cycle of the mushrooms is a mystery


Nine years later and I was now nineteen and had been working with psychoactive psilocybin mushrooms since 1967, having obtaining some samples from a friend at Brandies University. By the end of 1969 I had some amazing results with age regression, although it wasn’t the direction I initially wanted to go. I was hoping to experience ESP type abilities like the Shaman I saw on that show as a child.
During the last few sessions I discovered that under the influence of the mushrooms I could remember vividly things long forgotten.
Without the mushroom, like most people, I had memories only as far back as age five and before then…it was all bits and pieces. Under the influence of the mushroom however I could remember everything crystal clear as it would unfold in front of me. But I could remember only as far back to some traumatic event in my life and then things would stop. (Usually being frightened as a child). Once that event was remembered however the trauma would be lifted and then I could remember things even further back in my life…to age three…two… further back and everything in between. It’s as if all of life’s memory was a road with hills; turn around and look behind you and you see only as far back as the last hill - remove all hills and see the point of origin.
So I sat back under the influence of the mushrooms, closed my eyes, and started to remember when I was five. I would start there. This was as far back as I could remember without the mushroom.
It’s like playing a videotape of your life except when you press play you jump into the seen and you are there! It’s like traveling back in time.
JULY 15th 1969
Subject: DAVID ******
(4.5 grams dry cubensis mushroom - ingested)
AGE: 19
(I regress to July, 1955. I’m 5 1/2 years old.)
I’m in front of my house - Dockray Street in Quincy Massachusetts. I’m walking towards Beal Street. It’s a hot sunny day and I’m wearing a blue outfit. As I pass under some maple trees I feel myself enter my character and I’m actually back in 1955. I know its July by the multitude of maple tree seeds falling to the ground. You know the ones that spin like helicopters as they fall?
I cross the intersection of Hilda and Dockray. To my left Hilda Street is paved. To my rite Hilda Street is still a dirt road for the last hundred feet as it terminates at what was once called the Bumpity road. I can feel the sun, hear birds, crickets and the traffic up on Beal Street. AMAZING!
As I continue to walk I can smell blacktop and tar. Kerosene road lamps are on the ground in front of the Miller’s house; they’re lit and look like black cannon balls with flame and thick black smoke billowing from the top. They’re about to finish paving the street.
Steven Dubois is up at Beal Street calling me to come to him. (Steven is my age - five and a half). As I walk another 100 feet and as I approach him, things go dizzy. Steven is pointing down at something. It doesn’t make sense at first and it takes me a while… but then I begin to understand. It’s a dead squirrel; head crushed by a car. (My first encounter with a dead animal and my own mortality.) I throw up.
“Wow! I forgot all about that!”
I would find myself back in my room, eyes opened, still under the influence of the mushrooms and less than a few seconds had passed. With memory block of my first encounter with a dead animal lifted - old lost memories begin to flood back. I could now remember quite vividly all that happened back to age three…but no further…another memory block.
It would go on from there. At three; a memory of my older brother roughhousing with our collie. (I thought our dog was trying to eat him.)
With that lifted I could remember everything back to when I was two and a half when, regressed again to late summer of 1952, re-witnessed my brother having his cast and a traction pin removed from his leg at Milton Hospital. (Lots of screaming)
That last mushroom session had brought me back to crib memories. My mother verified this when I identified a room and things on the wall in a house we use to live in back in 1950. We had no photos of that room. (We moved out of that house when I was 90 days old. She had asked me how I could possibly remember that far back.)
Using the mushroom I ultimately regressed back to three months old. Ninty days! I had trouble going back any further though - it seemed at this age every day is a traumatic event. But I did remember this dream. I had it almost every night since I was born up until age six. It was such a nightly routine in my dreaming every night I thought everybody had this dream. I use to call it THE STRING DREAM. I was age six when I began asking around if others had this dream and only getting peculiar looks when I described it to them.
Maybe I could bypass the last 90 days and remember my actual birth or even pre-natal memories by tuning in on that dream. I would try that on my next session with mushrooms.

Recorded tapes and notes taken by Jim *****
OCTOBER 20th, 1969 – MONDAY
Subject: David ******
10:00 PM – Dose: 5 grams of dried cubensis mushrooms
Body weight: 168 lbs. - empty stomach
Age: 19
Location: Norwell Massachusetts
Session #4 - Regression

First effects felt: Twenty minutes.
Ninety minutes after ingestion: having strong visuals.
(I close my eyes and think of the dream I had when I was only 3 months old).
11:35 PM (95 minutes after ingestion)
Regressed to mid June 1950

“ I’m in a crib…I had just awakened from that string dream again and I’m crying.”

(The dream triggers an earlier memory of being in a dark place having that same dream. So I regress once again to age 9 days or so and I’m dreaming.)
(A linguistic interpretation of the abstract).

“A cluster of strings, an infinite in number, all parallel to one another and extending in both directions to infinity are all vibrating each to its own frequency. One linear string resonates the other in a harmonic exchange, creating a powerful and all encompassing cosmic song.
I’m part of this song, riding an energy wave along my own harmonic string. The song sings of intangible geometric shapes, densities and mathematical equivalencies… each string sharing all its information with one another in a song that has no beginning.
I am one such energy string, disembodied, without substance, vibrating in perfect harmony, with no perception of time or space… no sensation of awareness.
Then....at a particular point along one of the parallel strings… the cosmic song is disrupted by a slight variation in frequency. This point has dropped to a lower pitch. Adjacent parallel strings in close proximity are also pulled down in pitch as to fill the void of disruption until the whole cosmic song begins to distort and slow down. As if it were audible the song grows louder as the pitch falls lower and lower in proportion.
Sudden feeling of being… disassociation… discomfort.
A smell! A taste... a salty copper taste. Salty fluid permeating the nasals cavities and chest area...an increasing feeling of discomfort… and that mucus salty like smell
Feeling of being disconnected from the song...extreme discomfort... (first audible sounds and tones now being heard)...fluids discharging from nose and lungs…blinding white light…feeling of terror, the cosmic song crescendos in an abrupt deafening silence.
Then quiet...very quiet for what seems to be a very long time…… no harmonics.
The memory of the song begins fading…then a noise…a loud noise from another place. It awakens me from some kind of a dream. The noise makes me feel uncomfortable....and that SMELL!! It still lingers; residual dried embryonic fluids still incrusted in parts of the posterior portions of the nasal cavities...and that taste...
Visual stimuli now coordinating with other sensory input as I am becoming self aware inside a bassinet.

It's the 3ed morning after my birth and I had that string dream again. One eye is crusted over from last nights sleep. There is an urge to remove the annoyance but an inability to figure out how.
A loud sound from another place makes me feel uneasy. I don't understand sounds. It carries no information. Just random noise; no harmonics like...like...
Memories of the song fade as I receive more and more input from my new environment. A song I once understood now fades in the obscurity of the sights and sounds of my new surroundings. My ninth day on this planet is just a fleeting moment drowned in a whirlwind of sensory stimuli.
I’m falling asleep again and my head lays to the right. At three days old there is little difference between dreaming and being awake.”

11:46 PM (106 minutes after ingestion)
“Jim! I’m having memories that are not mine!”
(My eyes pop wide open and my face is beginning to sweat. Could it be with the trauma of my birth now removed, even earlier memories are surfacing?)
(I close my eyes again)
“I’m having detailed memories of someone’s life.”
“It’s long ago…are you still recording this?”
“I don’t know if I like this.”
“I feel like I’m floating through peoples lives.”
“Jesus…I did too much mushrooms! This is too weird!”
“Now I’m having detailed memories of someone’s life before that.”
“This is not happening!”
“I’m slowing down.”
“Are you recording this?”
“It’s very long ago - Northern Europe… I think… Language…clothing…”
“I have the life memory of a woman. She is distantly related to me in a way I can’t explain…suffered an emotional trauma… imprinted… was past down, and now some how I …”
“The events in her life are too detailed for me to be making it up…at this rate of speed anyway.”
“I can remember every road she ever walked down…people she knew… her three children…”
“This is crazy!!”
“I’m beginning to enter her character…oh shit!”
(A sense of calm and wonderment now washes over me)
“It’s cold out and I’m separating grain from the husk by throwing it in the air and letting the wind carry the husk away.”
“Somehow I remember that.”
“I’m in a small field surrounded by woods. Others, with two wheel wooden carts drawn by horses, are gathering grain. People are talking around me in a language I can understand but can’t translate.”
“I think it’s morning; dew on the ground, the sun is low and I can see my breath.”
“I’m beginning to feel dizzy”
“The squirrel!!”
(A subconscious connection is made).
“Something is about to happen.”
“Oh Jesus! I don’t want to remember this.”
“A runaway horse and cart… crashing out of the woods and onto the field. Others working in the field are screaming – yelling – yelling…there are bees buzzing the horse.”
“Yelling seems exaggerated; it’s just a runaway cart.”
“The cart is making a turn.”
“Oh God!! My child has her foot caught in its wheel.”
“She is being spun around! Her head is hitting the ground and going under the wheel with every revolution! I feel myself fainting….”
(Trauma lifted. I begin to feel myself floating back through people’s lives again. I understand at this point I may have just experienced a psychotic episode but the fascination of what was going on and the fine detail of it all made me want to continue.)
“It’s very long ago.”
“Memories of a man… lived in a mountainous region.”
(I think at this moment if this were true what a tool this mushroom would be for anthropologists.)
“I feel myself entering his character.”
(But I don’t enter his character. Everything stops.)

Long pause.

“I’m now listening ……seems to include some…What is this?”
(A ringing in my ear like the after gong of a bell begins to morph into words)
“What is this?”
(I open my eyes to end this session on mushrooms and see Jim sitting there frozen)
(11:59:06 - I notice that the second hand has stopped on the clock next to me…and now notice I’m frozen as well.
Even my visuals stopped. The only thing that has movement is the image coming into focus on the T.V. set that now seems to be on. Strange!
As two figures come into focus my first reaction is confusion. I don't know what I’m looking at. I’m wondering if they are some kind of animals maybe… skinned cats or something… just a hallucination? Still I can't figure out what I’m looking at. And then a possibility occurs to me…panic sets in. Panic so intense I can’t breath...can't move. Now I don't know if the feeling of being immobilized is some kind of control on their part, or I’m just paralyzed from fear. I’m trying very hard to maintain an objective view. It’s just too much mushrooms. Classical delusional paranoia…it must be! No such things as….
(I now hear the gong sound morphing into words. The words seem to be coming from the eyes of the things on the television set.)
Shtaag beey…
Shtag be…
Stan be…
Stand by……
Stand by……
Zeroing in …
Coordinating location…
Can you understand us?
…communication system.
… instantaneously
… interstellar distances.
...your sun will soon behave like a T-Tauri star when it begins to be engulfed in a cloud of interstellar dust and gas beginning in the year 2012.
…nova like mass ejections…
Genetic sequencing under way for species relocation.
With technological means of viewing the future…these predictions, verified by EBE-2,
End Communication.

(At this point I become unfrozen. The second hand on the clock next to me starts to move as Jim begins to speak. However Jims voice sounds like a record player slowly coming up to speed from a dead stop.)


“What the fuck was that? Did you get that on tape?
“Jim, Play back the last few seconds.”
(Jim rewinds to the very beginning of the tape and presses play.)

“…I just awoken from that string dream again and I’m crying…Are you O.K.?…What the fuck was that? Did you get that on tape? Jim! Play back the last few seconds.”
Tape ends.

“Is that it? Where’s the rest?”
JIM: “What rest?”
“The run away horse in the field? Nova like mass ejections?”
JIM: “We just started a few seconds ago!”
(I look at the clock and it’s 11:35PM)


MAY 14th 2005 11:52PM
From: Dr. David Kieda
Wilcox Solar Observatory
To: Dr. Richard Miller
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Dear Dr. Miller,
Enclosed is the summation of my dissertation as you asked. With recent solar events unfolding I believe it needs serious consideration.

MAY13th 2005
Solar Region 10759 spawned a major class M8 flare today accompanied by a weak proton enhancement and strong radio emissions. The coronal mass ejection from this event appears (based on preliminary LASCO data) to be fairly squarely Earthward-directed. As a result, the Earth has a higher probability of passing through an influential magnetic cloud associated with the ejected solar plasma. Most forecast centers are anticipating a major geomagnetic storm on 15 and 16 May. We do not differ. This event has the potential to be quite influential and could even produce periods of severe geomagnetic storm conditions (perhaps brief K-indices of 7 or higher) after it arrives. Our arrival estimate is based on Type II shock velocity estimates, which are notoriously less reliable than plane of sky measurements from LASCO. This is the largest solar mass ejection ever recorded! END

Above is the latest LASCO data available at the time of this writing. Please keep in mind this latest solar outburst as I continue.
I know the Sun has been classified generally as in a steady-state condition, scientist know full well that there are minor fluctuations in Solar conditions which cause minor Solar weather changes and possible disruptions upon earth, and these are normal. However, I now believe the Sun is, in reality, a variable output star or a T-Tauri type star, and our knowledge of it rather limited. Warnings found in ancient and sacred writings including Greek, ancient Sumerian Text, and the Old Testament about the Sun and other heavenly bodies need to be investigated by the scientific community. It appears that the ancients had a far better understanding of it than present day science.
Our sun goes through cycles and early man recoded these events and passed on that information. This information is now lost in the obscurity of ancient myths and legends.
For instance it has been discovered that the ancient star lore connected with the Sagittarius and Scorpius constellations indicated the location of our Galactic center, a feat only recently achieved by modern astronomers, it further conveyed the idea of an explosive outburst from the center of our galaxy, and specified a significant past date of 13,865 ± 150 years B.C. which also is encoded in the ancient Egyptian Dendereh zodiac.
Found in almost all cultures the myths, customs and esoteric lore descendent from prehistoric times indicates that cosmic rays from a Galactic core explosion from the center of our Milky Way catastrophically affects the Earth and solar system in recurrent cycles of 14,000 years with the most recent event occurring near the end of the last ice age.
It seems the Earth and Sun comes in contact every 14,000 years with a cosmic dust cloud. As you know this intergalactic cloud of dust normally stays outside our planetary system by the force of our sun’s solar wind but every 14,000 years our Milky Way galactic core erupts and sends out a super shock wave overpowering this solar wind and allowing this cosmic dust to envelope the sun and earth. This causes the sun to flare up and cause nova like mass ejections.
In myth - this event is often called the DESTROYER. It is this DESTROYER that ends what is called an"AGE". The times in between the AGES are calm with only minor activity in the solar neighborhood.
Mayan lore contains a Galactic center oriented cosmology that specifically refers to the Galactic center vicinity (ecliptic-Galactic plane crossing point) in connection with the occurrence of the Mayan World Ages. One finding is that the Mayan and Hopi Indian calendar both end in 2012 AD, which designates the end of the present World Age, coincidently it coincides when the Earth's processing axis will be maximally tipped in the direction of this Galactic plane intersection point.
A comparative study of astronomical and geological data from moon rock and deep core ice samples from Greenland reveal that cosmic ray electrons and electromagnetic radiation from an explosive outburst from our own Galactic core did indeed impact our Solar System near the end of the last ice age. This cosmic ray volley spanned a period of several thousand years and climaxed around 14,200 years ago when our sun went nova. This event caused global flooding due to rapid melting of the ice sheets and triggered a solar-terrestrial conflagration that initiated the worst animal extinction episode of the Tertiary period.
The effects on the Sun and on the Earth's climate were not due to the Galactic cosmic rays themselves, but to the cosmic dust that these cosmic rays transported into our Solar System. Observations have shown that the Solar System is presently immersed in a dense cloud of cosmic dust, material that is normally kept at bay by the outward pressure of the solar wind. However, with the arrival of this Galactic cosmic ray volley, the solar wind was overpowered and large quantities of this material were pushed inward. The Sun dimmed as it was enveloped in a cocoon of dust that caused its spectrum to shift toward the infrared
Rev. 8:12
And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.
In addition, the dust grains filling the Solar System scattered radiation back to the Earth, producing an "interplanetary greenhouse effect" that substantially increased the influx of solar radiation to the Earth. (Global warming?)
Research suggests that in time the Sun became highly active as dust and gas began falling onto its surface inducing extreme flaring activity. There is evidence that one particularly tragic solar flare event occurred around 12,750 years ago during a period when the Sun was particularly active. This involved the release of an immense coronal mass ejection, which engulfed the Earth and induced a mass animal extinction. A Nova!

Moreover, the light of the Moon shall be as the light of the Sun; and the light of the Sun shall be sevenfold--as the light of seven days! (Isaiah 30:26)

(Note: There are 87 passages in the Old Testament alone that suggest a solar flare occurring and warnings of it happening again.)

It was even released to the public recently in the USA Today that the Sun is, indeed, going through some unusual changes. It is burning brighter in recent years indicating increased photon production and that its magnetic field is greatly intensifying. Coincidently enough the cosmic dust level in the solar neighborhood has risen 3% in the past ten years. All of these tend to indicate to me the development of a pre-Nova state for our Sun, today!
On December 26, 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra in Malaysia. It caused a powerful tsunami, which devastated coastal regions of many countries leaving over 240,000 people either dead or missing. It was the worst tsunami to affect this area since the 1883 explosion of Krakatao. The earthquake that produced it was so strong that it exceeded by a factor of 10 the next most powerful earthquake to occur anywhere in the past 25 years.
• Indonesian 9.3 Richter earthquake:
December 26, 2004 at 00 hours 58 minutes (Universal Time)
• Largest Gamma ray burst ever recorded:
December 27, 2004 at 21 hours 36 minutes (Universal Time)
It is then with some alarm that we learn that just 44.6 hours later gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth picked up the arrival of the largest gamma ray burst ever recorded originating from the center of our galaxy. Astronomers have theorized that gamma ray bursts travel in association with gravity wave bursts and after a 45,000 year light-speed journey, the gravity wave would arrive here on earth first as the gamma ray burst would lag behind by 40 hours or so. For two such unique events, largest gravity shock wave to hit our planet – largest earthquake times ten in twenty five-years; to have happened at the very same time is highly improbable if they are not somehow related.
(Astronomers located the source of the gamma ray burst and it came from ONE neutron star 45,000 thousand light years away. THAT’S ONE STAR! Makes one think what the effect on our planet would be if the whole galactic core sent out a gamma ray burst?)

I believe an elite few in our establishment know all about this 14,000-year cycle and that we are now 200 years over due if things aren’t underway already. I further believe they have no intention of telling the masses because there is nothing anyone can do about it anyway. It would set off a world wide panic that could be worse than keeping quiet and letting events unfold.

Please send me your thoughts and comments.
Dr. David Kieda
Wilcox Solar Observatory

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