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the night at justins shroomtastic

name:SAMANTHA gender:F age:15 ookay so the scene.


ookay so the scene. me. my best friend rhonda and my other best friend, rhondas boyfriend marc. our friends justin and our other friend brian. we're at justins and justin throws rhonda about an 1/8 and says "here this is for that 30 i owe you" she looks at me knowing that shes aten them before and i hadnt and said "here. eat 'em" wow. was i stoked. so i sit there on justins bed and i just start eating 'em like nothing. okay so first nothing happend..then..bang we're in a car driving an hour to brains brothers to pick up more cuz they wanna trip too. haha so im in the car and it feels like we're going a TRILLION miles per hour and i feel my stomach swirling inside of me. i saw light speeding past the windows and looking at all my friends inside the car i saw there faces morph into kalidoscope-like figures. wow. so we get to tims, brians brothers apartment and i manage to stumble up his stairs and fall into oblivian in the sofa. he gives the others there shroomage and we return to justins. where nicley they eat there first batch and didnt want me to come down right as they where comming up so they gave me MORE!:) yay i said. ahah so we're sitting there all 5 of us in a tiny square room. wwwwee alll start freeaking out man. iam sitting on the couch my legs up against me, my arms wrapped around my legs in an upright-fetal posstion just watching everyone afraid if i didnt keep looking at everyone theyd all just disolve in the moment. justin is on the floor laying there shouting some mumbo jumbo brain and rhonda are in some deep conversation about the universe and the meaning of life and marc is next to me on the cough except perched up on the arm-rest like a bird. shouting "STTTOP COMMING TO ME FOR IDEEASS!!!" yeah. hed gone crazy. so then justin steps on brians head and everyone starts screaming. justin commits a crazy party foul when he changes the trippy pink floyd to the angry angry slipknot and we all travel down a whirpool of a bad trip.brian announces he needs to go home cuz hes decided he wants to volunteer tmw morning so marc decides to drive him home, yeah marc-drives-not a very good idea at this state of mind. but w/e so im in the backseat and i see all these people walking down the street at, mind you, 3o'clock in the morning. just crowds and crowds of people stampeeding down the street.then we go back to justins.so the next thing i know theres a loud pounding on the door and its morning. im staring at the ceiling and justin is laying across my stomach. brian, marc, and rhonda are no where to be found. the pounding is justins roomate complaining about the loud noises at 4 that morning. and we got up walked out side and began looking for marc and rhonda. of course theyre laying in the backseat of marcs VW bug. and we all pack in the bug and go for doughnuts and to talk about that crazy ass night. so thats wut we did and i cant exactley tell you wut they felt. but i felt an immense change in mind-set and out look on life. i felt like the world is spinning so fast and if u wanna survive u gotta find something to hold on to or ull just spind off into space. and i couldnt find anything so i just starting to drift and reality kept pulling me back to the trips of my friends.

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