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First Time, 1/8th

Put this up in the message board a while ago, but it belongs here.

Put this up in the message board a while ago, but it belongs here.

Trip Report: My 1st Trip
#2646169 - 05/06/04 03:13 PM

Well this monday was quite a stressful day for me and I heard many of my friends were shrooming that night. I was always too afraid to do it because a couple of my friends discouraged me when they discussed their bad trips. I ended up not having the funds to do it, but a good friend really wanted me to have the "experience of a lifetime." and Wow...it was.

We each had an 8th of shrooms w/ them little blue stems and about 4 caps. At 9:15 my 4 friends and I sat down in a circle and the ritual was explained to me and one other 1st time tripper. We all touched caps and proceeded to eat about half of what our bags contained, saving the rest for later that night. We then picked spots in the blacklit room with crazy posters everywhere and put on Monsters Inc. I was informed that my state of mind determined everything and I made sure that I was in my most comfortable and carefree state of mind and body. Shortly after consumption my stomach started to hurt, but nothing yet. And then it hit me, slowly and slowly but it felt good. I had seen Monsters Inc. before, but this was a completely different experience because before long I was tripping BALLS. The entire room was designed for shrooming and it showed. During the movie different scenes led to completely different atmospheres in the room, with lights changing colors and distorting and the walls distorting around the tv, not to mention watching computer generated monsters with some crazy ass effects. Every second of the movie I was at an emotional high with a constant smile on my face. The main character at one point was in a chase through some hallway and just kept running and to me it was one of the most insane things ever.

After the movie ended we split up. me, the other newbie and my friend who paid for my trip went outside for a cigarrete on our college campus. We took an adventure walk (about 40 feet) into some bushes that formed a tent over us and we could hear a friend of ours playing guitar from his dorm room. We stood there for god knows how long, talking about death and then how great our lives were. Eventually we made our way back to our stoop outside our dorm building and chain-smoked about 10 cigarettes in a row, with our conversations repeating in cycles. The people on our campus were great, with about 8 random people coming by and just chilling on the steps with us (they weren't shrooming)..I was a little bugged out from it, but that was mainly because I couldn't keep up with what was going on. When we ran out of cigarettes we went back inside to find the rest of our crew and learn of their adventures.
Once inside we decided it was time to refuel our trip. Upon consuming the bag my friend decided to put on Finding Nemo. Apparantly he saw it before on shrooms and said it was one of the most amazing adventures I'd ever go on, and boy was he right. The amount of color in the movie and interpreted by me was breathtaking , and there's one fish that is basically on shrooms (every 3 seconds she forgets everything) and is really hyper. I never had a more enjoyable time...ever. Eventually we threw on music and jus chilled for the rest of the night and everyone started to go to sleep around 4:30. I took a walk around my dorm building one last time to look at everything and then hopped back onto my spot on the couch. I had never had a more comfortable sleep in my entire life..

We plan to shroom again this summer at my friend's farm...All I know is I can't wait! That night I felt like I was awake for the first time in my life. Everything I saw was new, and my excitement can only be compared to that of a three year old seeing santa clause for the first time, except my excitement lasted a good 6 hours. The only thing that felt odd was "coming down." I spent about an hour or so thinking about my life and became depressed for a bit, but an hour of feeling weird is worth 6 hours of feeling AMAAAZZZING...Well, hope ya'll enjoyed my experience as much as I did :-D

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