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The most powerful drug I have ever taken!

I would like to start out this trip report saying that I have tried many drugs just once to experience what they had to offer.

I would like to start out this trip report saying that I have tried many drugs just once to experience what they had to offer. This list would include: Cocaine, Pot, G, MDMA, painkillers and other anti depressants. I always thought though that for the most part most drugs were really over rated. After taking the drug I was disappointed for that they did not meant my expectations.
I decided to see what magic mushrooms had to offer. I started investing the time reading up on everything that shroomery had in the cult forum and hunting and how to experience the effects. My girl friend and I obtain mushrooms from two cakes and split the group of mushrooms.
It couldn't have been but 15 fairly small mushrooms (caps about the size of a penny). We turned the light down dim and watch the south park six 6 DVD that we rented the previous hour.
We watch the DVD waiting for the effects to kick in. After about 45 min we both started to see vivid lights and textures moving. I could see the grain in wooden cabinets move around very slowly. Then my girlfriend starts to have cold sweats but was still laughing so hard that she was crying. The DVD was then over and she thought we didn't take enough but it was still fun. When then we proceeding to go to my room.
At this point walking was indeed tough, like I was extremely drunk. The dimly let hall way was intensely bright and light in color. We made it to the room were we laid down on the bed and looked around. This is the point were the shit hit the fan. We were lying with arms and legs entangled. I couldn't tell which arm was mine and which was her. No matter which one I would bit I could feel it. I would touch here face and feel it on my face. I start just looking in her eyes and noticed how big her pupils were. Then all of the sudden her very light freckles started becoming denser and then her face started morphing into the bangles of a tiger. The next thing I knew my girlfriend had a tigers face but a normal body. She kept saying that my face morphed into a girl from the show America’s next top model. I was pissed for her saying that but quickly ignored it to continue my trip.
My room was only lit up by one 40 watt light bulb but it was the brightest light in the room with a hint of blue. It was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. I then was able to change the color of the light with my thoughts. If my mood went down the room would get really dark and then I would cheer up and it would brighten back up in a hurry. I look at my girlfriend and see was staring at her hand for a very long time. See said she could see blood pumping through her veins but only for one of her hands. Her face the started to morph again into another girl I knew but about a few sec went back to normal. This is a point were the trip to a turn south.
I took the shrooms at about 11:00 P.M and it was now about 3:00 A.M and I was trying to get out of the trip. I felt like I told someone I needed help but didn't remember it. Then I could see my friends and family talking about how I was such a good person and they don't know what happened to me. I was scared to ask my girlfriend if I was ok because I didn't know if she wasn't real and I made her up. It then popped in my head that now I know why all the past musicians were so great. I thought that they were some of the only people to know parts of their mind that no one even knew was possible. My girlfriend decided to go to the bathroom to throw up and then I went in to check on her and she said she threw up a lot but I don’t see anything. I could smell it though. I was wondering if I was standing in throw up but didn’t know it 'cause my mind was screwing with me. We then went back to my room were I tried to go to sleep to wear it off. I was in and out of it for the next hour or so. I was scared there was no way out and that I was permently in this state of not knowing what was real and what was my imagination. My girlfriend was still having cold sweats and wanted to shower to rinse off. She went in the bathroom and then I heard a crash. I hurry in there as fast as I could to see what happened to find her on the floor. See said she fainted, and asked if she was still covered in blood. I said I didn't know. She then went on to tell me she was shooting blood out of her fingers.
After lying on the ground for some time we went back t my room and lay down. 5:30 came around and the trip finally ended. We both lay in bed speechless until we fell asleep. We then we slept for 8 hours and woke up with a slight hang over. This first trip is making me reconsider if eating mushrooms is something that I will ever do again. It was both the most amazing and pretty thing that I have ever experience and the worst. Eat with caution!!!

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