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The mice

I've only done shrooms twice.

I've only done shrooms twice. The first time was the hardcore trip. All of my friends said that I won't get to messed up for my first time. But they were wrong. I ate about 3 grams, dried. It took a while and a joint for it to kick in completely. Me and my buddy were sitting in a bar while our friends were playing pool. My friend and I were both newbies to the drugs. I looked up at the celing and thought I saw mice all over the ceiling, they were just running around and attacking eachother. It was a total trip and my friend said "Lets go and do some shit, I'm horney as hell, how about you?" I was just like "No man the mice are gonna fucking watch us guy! I don't want them to watch me!" She he looked up and I guess he saw them as well and just sat back at stared at him. The second time was just color intensification. I was just with a few of my girlfriends watching the simpsons and started freaking out. Well that would be my story! ^.^ I'm goin' hunting soon1 YeY!
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