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the melting TV

Well, it was my second time taking shrooms, but it was my first "real trip".

Well, it was my second time taking shrooms, but it was my first "real trip". I had purchased an ounce from a friend because that's all he would get me, so I called up 3 friends and decided to trip that night because my parents had left for the week on vacation.
After we downed about a little more then an 8th each, when went outside to some out of my friend Scott's bubbler. After about 4 or 5 bowls, we stepped outside to have a smoke.
I remember sitting in my lawnchair, feeling pretty gigly, and just talking with my other friend Amanda. I look down at my the wood on my deck. They begin tho slowly fluxuate, like a heartbeat. Then the wood pieces began to flow, like a river, in alternating directions. I found this incredibly funny, and I couldn't stop laughing. I look up at Scott, and he said "What the fuck are you laughing at?" Just then, the freckles he has on his neck started to do a little dance. This was quite amusing.
Billy, the other person there said that we should watch the Nightmare Before Christmas. We thought it was cool, so we went inside and put it in.
About 45 minutes after the shrooms, and 15 minutes into the movie, we got bored and turned it on comedy central. This is when things got really fucked up.
There was this show on that new movie, Bowfinger, and there was an interview with Eddie Murphey. They guy ask Murphie a question, and when he responded, all that came out of his mouth was "blip blip blip blip", like he was talking backwards or something, mjust then I noticed that the Tv was begining to melt. Bored with this show, I turned it to cartoon network. I picked up the remote to change the station, but it was to heavey, but I got it. I looked at it in amasment because it wasn't just breathing, it was waving back and forth, it took my awhile to hit the buton because it kept on moving.
The flinstones were on, and Fred started to walk out of the TV, and stand in front of me. He begin to tell me how bad my life was, and how I needed to become more free.
I had no idea what he was talking about, so I got up and went outside. I remember sitting on the grass and starring at the clouds. I could feel every atom in my body, but unfortunatly I could also feel every blade of grass cutting into my back, so I stood up and went back inside. I begin to talk with Scott, who was now a green trol, with HUGE pointy ears. My hands were sweating profusly, and I could feel the heat like I never have before. I went to get a drink of water, and it tasted so good. The wettness stayed on my lips long after the drink, and I could feel it go down into my stomach and just sit there. I felt like i was one with everything.
After about 3 hours, things became semi nornal, but everything still had either that breathing effect, kinda twisting spirally effect type thing. After about 6 hours, I found out that I was completely exhausted, and I slept like I had never slept before. The next day, I felt GREAT! Everything was brighter, and food tasted better. It was a good night!

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