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The Matrix

The first time i did shrooms i thought i was a pimp so i took a little more than a half an 8th.

The first time i did shrooms i thought i was a pimp so i took a little more than a half an 8th. This proved to be a mistake. When I first start feeling stuff ( about 30 minutes in ) I noticed i could see my green viens on my skin very clearly. This wasnt that bad at all, and I thought to my self this aint that bad at all! Well things start to get really weird about an hour in. We finally reached the house we planned to do shrooms at( friends house ) I remember walking in the house and being really scared but didnt know why! the first thing i did was hide in a corner. What was wierd though i was standing straight up but it felt like i was angled like falling in the wall. I remember being real cold, but everyone was saying it is not cold. The standing became very tiring so I layed down on this futon thing. This is where the nightmare began. I remember seeing everything morph and melt, and everything became orange, even though the room was yellow. There were abstract paintings on the wall these were really freaky because these pictures would morph like crazy. But it wasnt really the visuals that scared me it was the thoughts going through my head. I thought to my self this cant be real it had to be a werid nightmare, so I would try to lift my head up fast and snap out. Well it worked for only seconds i thought i was normal, but then everything werid started to happen again. I was really debating in my head if this was real or not. So i thought to my self hey i will close my eyes, this only made things worse. Let me explain this the best I can, when I closed my eyes i would see a bunch of random number and letters in perfect coulmns kinda like looking at the matrix on a computer ( like in the movie The Matrix ) (staring keanu reaves as neo ) Not only did i see the numbers and shit i would see perfect pictures and visuals. This nightmare would continue for a while until my friend yawny came out and talked to me. At first I didnt want to talk to him because i couldnt explain to him what was going on. It was weird because i knew what i wanted to say but I would try to speak and it wouldnt come out right so all I said was it was weird. He noticed the scared look on my face and told me everything was gonna be fine.I kinda blew it off at first, but then he said something i will never forget. He told me not to be scared because it was the drug fucking with me and he said " You Will Always Have Mind Over Matter" Everything changed from there I was no longer feeling scared. I finnaly relized that it was just a drug fucking with me. He also told me to just go with it have fun. At the time all my other friends who were shrooming and on a little nature walk,(except brad he was locked in the bathroom) so he suggested i leave the house and join my friends. This is were my shrooming expierence changed completely I remember being very cold in the house, but as soon as I got outside and started to walk, i totally forgot about being cold. It was weird though everyone was in a talking mode except me I was very quiet and very intrigued by the world. My expiernce out on the walk was quite interesting here is a good way to explain how I looked at things. I looked at the world kinda like the matrix but i was god though. I could control things such as picking a stick and throwing it, throwing a ball in the air and catching it. I remember looking at the trees and they were moving in slo motion. I could only compare the world i was in to a dreamworld. My shroom expierence was 50/50 in the house it was a nightamre compared to hell, but outside it was dreamy like heaven... in a way.

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