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The MadCake Incident

Sup , so my story begins like any other, the parents are leaving town for the night, only my sisters gonna stay home.

Sup , so my story begins like any other, the parents are leaving town for the night, only my sisters gonna stay home. So i decided it would be good to have some friends over or somethin. So we work out some things and i have 3 friends come over, so we can try some mushrooms. I hadnt done mushrooms before and didnt know anything about it. But i thought it appropriiate to do them today, So my parents are gone, and my friends and i set out for our dealers house, about an hour walk.

We arrive at the house around 7 pm. i had 15 bucks and picked 3 grams as well did my other friends. so we popped them immediately and set out on the walk back. about 20 minutes in to the walk i began to feel somewhat happy, not knowing whatever for. then out of no where my friend Carlos says " this isnt the right way back to the house , if we go this way itll be much quicker " looking at my other two friends we all agreed he was gonna go the wrong way, but decided it would be a funny story to tell when he gets lost to the bus stop or somethin. SO he goes off, and us 3 go our way. We were walkin talking bout dead bodies on the highway or somethin as we walked up the road. Then my friend Tom told me bout the story how his mom saw a hand coming out of the ditch one time on the highway and how she didnt stop cause it could be a trap or somethin to kill you and rob you. So now im trippin bout that on the major road we were walkin on. However i manage to compose myself enough to get home safe. However the house was a different story.

We walk in and my sisters playin the computer and we decided we were parched so we go upstairs to get ourselves some pop. then the 3 of us wonder into the next room, where a piano is located. Glen just started playin the guitar so naturally he thinks hes extremely musically inclined and sits down and starts trying to play. Now this is when i knew i was fucked, because the music sounded good , like czaikovsky or something... which is a little weird because glen cant play the piano. then me and tom walk out of the room with him still playin away. then tom walks upstairs and i have a seat in the lobby of my house. i have a banister with a large plant my mother has been growin since before i was born. Tom's upstairs going dave, im gonna drop this pop on your head. so i tell him to fuck or die, then i hear this snap. . . and he says " oh shit " i look over at glen still playin away in his own little world, when i look up at tom. Hes holding this huge peice of my plant, roughly the entire arm of it after it goes off into two at the base. I go " what the fuck did you do!?" " then he goes i donno man, lets fucking fix this ".
i was stoned and didnt wanna deal with it so i mumbled something to the effect of " fuckin put it back together with tape " and walked back downstairs , i glance over at the clock and its 830. then the phone rings, and its carlos. Saying something like " i missed the bus twice, one because i was watching tv, and the other because i was pissing ! " So we laugh about it, then hang up. glen finally gets off the piano and goes and sits in the kitchen staring at my table rather intrigued. so i decided to ask him what the fuck he was doing. he said " your table is wood " .. then we laughed for the longest fucking time. i stood up and leaned on the stove, and tom sat on the island in the middle. he looked at me with this obveously messed up look on his face, then i started feeling bad and freaky i said " tom... " then my pop dropped out of my hand and i jumped like 3 feet in the air. then he was like " what the fuck are you doing you ass " i said i donno and walked to the washroom. i had pop all over my jeans and feet. but i really didnt seem to care. i came in the kitchen and my sister who i forgot about was cleanin up the mess. and then out of nowhere carlos came runnin upstairs. i was like " gah, what the fuck.. " and he was laghing and had this grin on his face.

from here on is what ive been told. my sister finished up the mess with the pop and said that mom had bought us a cake from kfc. i rambled " cake cake everyone loves cake " and stuck my fingers in it plunging it onto my face, getting very little into my mouth , then shlopping the cake all over my body, then pulling up my shirt running arouns screaming. glen ran up to me and started shaking me yelling for me to shut the hell up. i then proceded to be forced up into my room to clean up. i remember peices of this, it took me a good 10 minutes to get my pants off and into the shower, i remember hitting my head saying " wake up dave ". then after that i tried to go to sleep, i lied there for 2 hours tossing and turning. glen peeked his head in and said that i looked at him and yelled " this is daves quiet time get the hell outta my room ! " and threw my pillow at him. he shut the door. all off a sudden i wasnt high anymore, and i sat up. loooking at the clock i saw it was 1 am. i put on new clothes and walked downstairs, looking around in the basement seeing my friends playing Ouija board. and glen was freaking out about the devil comin the house or something. then they all looked at me and started laughing. i told them to shut up and fill me in on what the hell happened. for the rest of the night we sat around playing nintendo and talking.

pimpin aint eazy

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