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first time was pretty cool

so i ate shrooms for the second time, but the first time barely anything happened.

so i ate shrooms for the second time, but the first time barely anything happened. so i ate them shits, about 2 or 3 caps cuz i didnt wanna get over fucked for the next day cuz it was monday and we had big tests. well anyways i at em and i was getting dissapointed cuz they wernt working, so i sat down with my friend tasos, who also ate the same amount as me, and chilled, i dunno if it was the shrooms or the after affects of the tree we blazed the day before but things were moving, so we were gettin pretty angry with the shrooms not workin and all so we blazed some herb and waited, while we blazed a couple of joints tasos turned a really faint shade of green, and i was like wtf, then he turned a tiny bit red. so next thing i knew i was messin with this very skinny tree, and wen i moved it it rocked back and fourth, suddenly i became amazed and as time past i danced with the tree and talked to it. the trees greenery looked so perfect. so i called tasos over and i was like duuude. he didnt have that much intrest in it but he seemed to be doing his own thing.I grabbed a stick and started doing to kung foo shit with the tree, i dunno what was giving me such a big hype, either the shrooms or the weed but it seemed like i was running and doing lots of shit without getting tired. then i started seeing faces in all the trees, tasos claimed to also see this weird shit also. i dont wanna go into detail any more but all i kno is that wen i was in the car shit was moving way more than it does wen your high off weed, and i kept waking up in the middle of the night and the painting was moving, well to some i guess my trip wasnt as good as others but it was pretty cool

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