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The Laughing Mess

8-25-02 Well, about a month ago I stumbled onto about 5-6 grams of some nice cubes my friend's brother grew.

Well, about a month ago I stumbled onto about 5-6 grams of some nice cubes my friend's brother grew. I'm 17, have done shrooms a few times, and this time was special. At the end of the trip the only thing I could think was "Wow, I'm lucky to be alive" and "Reality is underapreciated." Now having written that lets begin....

Around noon I got stoned. It was a saturday and I wouldn't have to see anyone in my family for the whole day. While I was stoned I got the munchies, stumbled onto the shrooms and before I knew it I ate the contents of the whole bag. -BAM-

15 Minutes later my friend calls. Him and some of my other friends are downtown and want me to come chill for a bit. I decide to go downtown and meet them at burger king. It takes about 15-20minutes to walk there and there was no way I was going to drive there knowing what I was in for.

Right before I reach town they hit me. Now 30 mins after the does I begin to feel rubbery. Everything started becomeing brighter and more vivid. I reached the parking lot of burger king when my mom called. I talked with her for a few minutes before I told her I had to go. While I was on the phone with her I kept thinking that i was repeating things and couldn't remember what we were talking about in mid-conversation.

I met up with my friends inside the BK. Every fucking thing in burger king is curved. The floor tiles have rounded corners as well as the tables. The chair tops are curved, the string that hung these triangle shaped advertisments is heavier towards the center forms a curve. For some reason, it annoyed me. While I am inside just being confused as all hell another 15 minutes pass.

The colors on the floor tiles started to bleed into each other and then retract, form swirls, then retract, bleed and grow into each other then retract ect.... you guys know how it is. I decided it was a good time to leave becuase there was just to much shit going on inside the BK.
I leave with a friend and we walk to his house.

It took a good 30mins to walk there because A: I couldn't stop laughing and it started to become problemsome and B: because the ivy along the way kept bending, swaying, coming out at me and was trying to ensnare my legs. Everything was growing and shirnking while thier colors blended and melted together only to reatract to their original colors. IT WAS REALLY INTENSE AT THIS POINT.

We get to his house and I am still just laughing to the point where just the sound of myself laughing starts to drive me insane. The giggling/laughing mess is what i call it. Its the only way I can begin to describe it. We go into his backyard. This is when the nausea hits. Everytime I shroom I barf and this was no exception. It sucks. 10 minutes after I got nauseaous it happened. After cleaning myself up as best I could I just sat and watched all of everything made of plant matter grow and blend together. Too intense.... its time to leave.

We walk back to the burger king (me still laughing the whole way) and by the time we make it there its been about 2 hours after dosing. I spontaneously got stomach cramps and the shits while peaking on shrooms in the dirty bathroom of a BK>>>>>>NOT ANYWHERE NEAR FUN. After that I left and walked back to my house because i just felt dirty from barfing and spending so much time in that fucking bathroom.

I make it out the BK and begin my walk back to my house. I was still laughing and smiling and passed this kid and dad who im not entirely sure were real. He told his son who was like 8 that that guy that just passed us is high on drugs. Eventually I make it to my house, by this time its 3:15, and I am still tripping ballz. I took a shower, saw a "ghostcar" on my wall, and saw a blue, red, and yellow square lined up behind every light i saw. I somehow convinced my self that I was starting to melt into the porcelan of my shower and that it would be a good time to get out.

Sometime during my shower I stopped laughing. For the next 3 hours I had the usual comedown and just felt good. There it is... hope you guys injoyed it.

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