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The Incredible Hulk

My 2 friends and i have been doing shrooms for over a year now.

My 2 friends and i have been doing shrooms for over a year now. One night we couldn't find the guy we usually buy from (we know and trust this guy very well). We had never bought from anyone besides him and since we coulnt find him we searched for someone else to buy from. we found this guy and bought about 8 grams from him. we got some chocolate milk and downed em with that. we walked around a while and didnt feel shit almost 2 hours so we tried to find the guy again to kick his ass cuz we spent quite a bit of money. as we were walkin my friend sat down and threw up, i thought this was weird cuz he never does that. eventually while wqalkin we felt a little stoned but nothin good. we went back to the place where we bought the shrooms and sat down for about an hour and it hit all of us at about the same time.this was by far the worst trip i'd ever had. i didnt know where i was who i was with reality had a new meaning i had no since of time or anything. i dont remember this at all but i guess the guy we bought the shrooms from showed up again my friend was very angry and claimed the guy looked like and alien. he started to fight with the guy i realized something wasnt right i looked at my friend and he looked green and twisted and i thought he resembled the incredible hulk. he proceded to stomp on this dealers face while the guy ws laying on the ground. at this point i still had lost complete control over myself. another guy we know pulled up in his car and saw what was going on and he put us in his car and we went to his house i dont remember but thats what im told. the trip made me feel like my mind was controlled by everyone but me and this continued for almost 5 hours. So i gueess the lesson in this is dont buy shit from sketchy guys you dont know

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