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The Incredible Hulk

These are the facts and experiences as close as I can remember and the way I saw them.

These are the facts and experiences as close as I can remember and the way I saw them. They may have actually occured differently. I can only go on my vantage point. First thing is that I have never had an experience like this before. I went fucking ape shit.

Back story:
So, me and two friends went to Denver from Austin and then further on on a road trip . While in Denver we bought shrooms from a hippie at Red Rocks. $50 for 1/4. We were going to divide them up by 3 people, 1/3 of 1/4 each... or 1/12. They were good shrooms, according to our hippy friends. Lots of "blue" in the stem. We then drove to Vernal Utah to visit the Dinosaur National Monument. We got there late and crashed in a seedy hotel for the night. I was fairly exhausted, but it was really the only time we had to take them. I was in a good state of mind, fairly positive, so I decided to go for it.

We busted out the bag and divided them up evenly amongst us. I got 2 caps and a very thick stem. I cut the caps and stem up into pill sized bits and downed them with gatorade. I then poured the rest between a piece of pizza and it's cheese and ate it. I did not taste the shrooms at all. According to my friend who did, "They had a bitter atertaste."

Well, they were down and it was 9:45 PM. I was still tired. My one friend stayed in to watch tv and the other friend and myself went out to the nearby 7-11. I was wondering if anything would actually kick in anytime soon. And just what would happen to me. I figured I would be very mellow because that's what weed does to me. I bought a Drumstick icecream and went back to the motel. Still nothing. So my one friend remains on his bed watching tv and we go out for a walk. I'm still feeling nothing.

We walk down the street just chatting. I'm interrogating my friend, who's done this before, about what it will be like. He informs me that he is starting to feel something. Myself, I felt nothing. BAH! We get to the end of our walk and return back. When we get in the room, my one roomate on the bed informs us he's starting to get a little something happening to him. Dammit! Nothing for me. We sit for a few minutes more watching True Lies. In a few minutes I looked at the wood paneled walls and started to notice that they were becoming wavy. The panels seemed to be made of water and flucuating. "Oh wow cool. Nice effect for $20." Then I noticed that Arnold was really beginning to annoy me on tv. And I was getting antsy. So I told my friend that we needed to go out for a walk again.

We headed down the main street again and I suddenly could tell things were a'changin. My one friend was getting paranoid about people but I just kept walking smiling. Things weren't dramatically different, just kind off "not right." We sat down on a bench for a few minutes. I started to notice this building across the street that had all these flags. I began to get lost in the imagery. Suddenly, I noticed that the flags were talking to each other. Just like in The Brave Little Toaster, every time a car would pass, they would get all excited and try to get the car's attention. I was smiling at this and snapped out of it and told my friend to watch. That was amazing right there. Then I looked up and saw a mural of two dinosaur skeletons fighting. That mural came to life and twirled all around. I was amazed. We decided it was time to get back.

My friend was really paranoid that we were attracting attention. I did my best to contain myself but I was beginning to lose it. The entire town turned red and green on me. As cars passed, they'd leave trails and the doppler effect of them passing left echoes. "Wow man." We walked back. We had to stop in an alley and take a break. It was starting to get intense. My one friend then vomited and leaned up against a wall. He suddenly camofaluged into the wall and I lost him. I then looked down at the cement and it was convoluting every which way. I was again amazed. My friend then reappeared from the way, and to me he looked just like a fucking Oompa Loompa! I told him and we sang an Oompa Loompa song. Ok, we really needed to get back now.

We headed to the motel and approached the stairs. I took one step up and the stairs fell away from me and disappeared. I had to crawl up. We got to the room and we forgot our key. We had to keep asking our buddy to let us in. All the while there were odd people just sitting outside their rooms.

Now... sometime when I entered the motel room is where things start to really get fuzzy. Simply put, I completely lost my mind. Here's what I can remember:

-I went fucking insane. Seriously. I was not me for 5 hours. I was no longer tired, and I went from my usual reserved introverted self into only what I can call "alpha male." I become VERY outspoken, very testosterone filled, very touchy feely, very loud, and very insane. I did not shut up for 5 fucking hours. At the end of it all, my mouth was sore, my throat sore and parched, and my lips chapped. The whole time we were on the shrooms, our eyes were dilated like quarters. Very spooky.
-I seemed to start off by getting a lot of signs of asthma. No one else had this occur. I sort of had difficulty breathing and coughed a lot. My nose ran. I took huge gulps of air and wheezed a lot. My body temperature went off the roof (as did everyone elses).
-I started cussing out Arnold on the tv and kept saying I couldn't stand his lying and bullshit anymore and couldn't watch anymore.
-I ran around a lot beating my chest, taking in big gulps of air, shook my head a lot like a dog, and did Rick Flair "woos."
-I re-enacted the entire movie Krull with a t-shirt as the Glaith
-I would not shut up. I never let my friends talk. I convinced myself I was the best story teller in the world. In reality, nothing I said made sense. I talked about how I was like Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk. How I took my Motorcycle Safety Class. How I was trying to get hired into M3 design. Nothing made sense and I never finished a story. So I'm told.
-I "invented" a device that consisted of 3 baskets and wire that we could all wear and talk telepathically. I was convinced it could work.
-For the first 2 hours my friend stayed on his bed watching tv under the covers. I jumped all over him and tried to get him to move. I would fall off his bed and feel like I was falling and needed help getting back up.
-I became very touchy feely. I became particularly engrossed with touching my friend's belly.
-I thought the fridge was a warm, cuddly teddy bear
-The AC unit looked like balsa foam and the controls completely disappeared.
-The bed I was on kept changing in size
-When laying on the floor I felt like I was melting into it
-This one chair had some fibers coming out of underneath it. To me, it suddenly became a very hairy woman's genitalia and I couldn't stop playing with it.
-Everyone on the tv became zombies complete with sunken in eyes and sores all over their faces.
-The bathroom wall texture pattern entertained me for an entire hour. So I've been told.
-I had the ability to impersonate ANYBODY perfectly. Whenever I spoke I sound just like them. Ones I can remember are Arnold, Christopher Walken, and Jack Black
-We turned off the lights and suddenly my friend looked like a gargoyle. It scared me but delighted me. I convinced myself to not be afraid. i realized I was tripping hard the whole time and knew it wasn't real.
-Closing my eyes in that dark was nonstop imagery. My entire vision filled with machines and gears and moving devices that looked like Giger paintings.

Seriously, we lost our minds for 5 hours. My friend on the bed later informed me he was freaking out for the first 2 hours because he had been having some female problems and wasn't in a good state of mind. He later snapped out of it, and when ever he talked he made no fucking sense. He also told us a tapestry became a beautiful woman. My other friend just became very relaxed and enjoyed the moment. He became nauseous a few times. Myself, I was never sick feeling but my friend said he thought I was having a bad trip and not enjoying myself. Only afterwards and me telling him it was not true did he find out otherwise. We came down from the trip gradually and comfortably. We all kind of snapped out of it at the same time. Our body temperatures were really high and I was suddenly exhausted. It was 5:30 AM. It was one of the most insane expereinces ever and I really wish I had a video of the whole thing. I've now convinced myself I want to definitely do this agian, maybe in 4-6 months. I will record that one. My expereinced friend said that was a very intense trip and I went off the handle like he's never seen before. I had a blast. It's not often you fucking actually lose your mind.

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